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100 lbs-170 lbs (9 Years of Training)


Grew up around the gym my whole life. Started training when I was 14 and got heavy into it around 16. Been steady throughout my journey and have maintained around the same bodyfat. Fluctuating between 6-8%. The last time I was 6% was when I was wrestling at 130.
Current stats:
Bench: 5x5- 245 lbs
Squat: 5x5- 345 lbs
@170 lbs
Currently 22 years old




Another back shot at my current weight


Solid build dude! I’d say that your back is one of your strong points. Stick out your chest, squeeze the shoulder blades together and flex the lower lats down to show off your back better.

I would like to see a few more poses such as side chest and most muscular but the ones that you have provided aren’t bad.

So what is your next step? Are you planning to compete?



We’ll see once I get 20 more lbs on my frame. For right now I’m trying to just stay consistent


A shot from last week


Great built! Honestly bring that chest up and you be golden!