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100% hydrolyzed?

I’ve read about AST’s all whey protein called VP2 which they say is a 100% hydrolyzed whey protein. Isn’t this impossible? I thought that the taste would be so bad that the product wouldn’t be drinkable.

I’m not sure about your 100% question. However, I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things about VP2. From what everyone is telling me, the original formula was pretty good, but the new one isn’t. Supposidly, they cut a lot of corners on the redesigned formula. Now, this is just what people have been telling me (no lab tests or scientific data), but I’ve found these sources to be reliable in the past.

Ken, do you mean there is a new version of VP2, or you are just comparing it to the originla VyoPro whey? As far as I know, VP2 is 100% hydrolyzed, but that is not necessarily a great thing, best used after a workout probably. I think the process they use, which includes ion-exchange if I remember right, depletes the GMP content and leaves the BLG fraction too high. I would use a different product for day to dat use; a protein blend like GROW! or Met RX or other.