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100 Grams Protein in 12 Oz. Sirloin?


Over 2000 calories? and over 100 grams of protein in 1 12 ounce steak?

I am using a calorie counter i found on the net does that sound accurate?


According to what I know 12oz of SIRLOIN with the visable fat around the edges cut off contains 0 carbs, 96 protein and 24 fat which would be 600 calories. Sounds like they used a higher fat steak like Rib-Eye?


Protein sounds a smidge high, but 100g is a ballpark figure. I would guess 80-85g.

Total calories sound way high. Think about it... 100g protein is gonna get you 400 cals, assuming zero carbohydrates, that means you need 1600 cals from fat, which is about 178g of fat. For a steak that size 30-50g is a reasonable guess.

This is just off the top of my head.

You may want to get a second (and third) opinion. I know there are a lot of good sites out there.


Sounds like good eating.


fitday.com shows 862 calories, 51g fat, 0g carbs, and 95g protein.


That sounds right.