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100 Gram Carb Cure or Carb Cycling?


I need to get my bodyfat down from 10 to 8% by march 4th.. maybe even leaner than that would be great. Which in your opinion would help best for cutting fat?


Wrong forum.. You should probably post this in the supp and nutrition forum.

Why do you need to go from 10% to 8%?


Depends on how you handle carbs. I don't do carb cycling anymore because I do quite well on low carbs all around, except around my workout. I did carb cycling, and on high days I'd be eating like, Ezekiel bread at 10pm... just didn't feel right.

Basically, get away with as many carbs as you can. So test out some carb cycling with medium/high days and see if you can still get lean. If not, take away some high days, and use medium/low days most of the week. If not, 100-gram carb cure is a good start.


Judging from this kind of post, I highly doubt you're 10% bodyfat, and more like 15%.


It would also be helpful if you had the decency to provide us with:
1) diet your own now (with EVERYTHING calculated beforehand for us!)
2) weight
4) training schedule
5) height
6) experience

Ever try using this site and its THOUSANDS of articles?!


I'm not saying what you write here is wrong.

But it's not this simple. Getting down to single digit bodyfat can be very difficult for some, and the 100 gram carb cure doesn't take calorie counting into account at all, something that might be necessary for this person to get down to single digit bodyfat.

I don't believe the OP is 10% - more like 14%.


Oh, I reread his post. He prefers to get even LEANER than 8% in about 2.5 months from now. With some dietary and exercise strategies, he can get down to 8% within a month!

Have fun!