100 Days

I’ve had the flu all week. No working which was good. No training which is bad. But I did have a lot of time for soul searching and planning. So here is what I’ve come up with. Sans the flu, I’m in good shape right now. Here are some sats:
43 yoa
BF: 12-15%

*I have been a martial artist for 32 years- karate, tae kwon do, jujutsu, kempo, Muay Thai, Judo, boxing. So my boxing workouts have elements of all these styles, not only sport boxing. I also have done “sprint” triathlons in the past.

My workouts are pretty much the same each week:

Mo: Deads 3x5; pullups 3x8-10, bentrows 3x5, some kind of curls 3x5; abs, 20 minute intervals

Tue: 1.5 hours boxing: all for 3 minute rds- jump rope, heavy bag, focus mitts, speed bag, double end bag, sparring, pushups 2x25, abs

WE: Back squat 3x5; stiff legged deadlift 3x5; Overhead squat or front squat 3x5, abs; 20 minute intervals (running)

Thur: Boxing- 3x 3 minute rounds; heavy bag, focus mitts, jump rope, abs, some kicking drills, sparring if my partner shows up, if not, mobility stuff, slip bag, double end bag, breakfalls, etc.

Fri: Flat bench 3x5; Incline DB or BB 3x5; Military 3x5; upright row 3x5 or side lateral raises 3x5-8; close grip bench 3x5, skull crushers 3x5

Sat: off

Sunday: Some kind of cardio- walking, running, road bike, track work (at a local HS where there are tires to flip, sled to push, stuff like that)

My goal is in the next 100 days:

  1. To be crazy strong. Current maxes are (don’t laugh, never lifted heavy until last summer):
    Deadlift- 325 lbs.
    Bench- 235 lbs.
    Back Squat- 265 lbs.

  2. Ripped and vascular.

  3. Improve my fighting skills. I still have all the technique, but my flexibility, speed, coordination, have started to go.

  4. Compete in a sport jujutsu or continuous fighting tournament or even a master’s boxing tournament. I know my mma ( I was always a traditionalist anyway) days are over, but something more controlled and light contact would be ok.

  5. Improve my diet and eat cleaner.

So, I post for accountability’s sake as well as get your advice on how I can reach these goals and improve my routine.

Welcome tleach! If you can figure out how to get crazy strong and ripped in 100 days you’ll be really popular. You’ve got plenty of compound movements in your training which will go a long way toward the strength. But I’m not so sure about accomplishing both in such a short time.

I’m about 100 days in training for a powerlifting meet right now and while I’ve made great gains on all lifts I’m pretty far from crazy strong. I figure I have another two years before I consider myself strong. Good luck though, good start.