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100 Days of Squats is Almost Over. What Can I Do Now?

so almost finished the 100 days of squats challenge what could i do after this shoot some ideas at me…loving training legs everyday though


a year of deloading

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you should run a program that is consistent with your goals. Since you have made no indication of what those goals are, I cannot help you.


I’d do a light week and then see where my squat is.

If you’ve maxed, I’d be interested in results?

What did you start squatting? What can you squat now?

Did 100 days of squatting provide any results? Or just a ‘fun’ test of mental fortitude and consistency?

If it didnt improve your squat, what was the purpose?

If it did improve the squat, what do you want to improve next? Another lift, or more squats?


after my 100 days i want to continue on with leg work…but also focus on another lift maybe deadlifts
thanks for feedback

upto 180kg 1 rm atm have 15 days left my weight is 84kg…started on 140kg 1rm day after a half marathon

i started off at 140kg 1rm day acter doing a half marathon…i have 15 days left…my 1rm is 180kg at 84kg
started to do it because i didnt want to do any running until new year…so challenged myself as have had all ligaments replaced in my right knee and squats are my weak point…

see it on T Nation so thought id give it a try…

Are your goals still running related?

There are a number of pull-up challenges that can be really enjoyable and a change of pace otherwise.

One that comes to mind is you do a number of pull ups on day 1, say 5 sets of 3 for 15 total reps, then add 1 pull-up every day for 100 days. You can add more reps, more sets, split workouts AM PM, do them through the day, as long as you do them and add 1 per day.

I did a similar thing with close grip press-ups to bring up my triceps.

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If you’re really into Challenge Style routines you could check out

Or if you want squat, run and suffer

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If you do end up doing to 10 000 swing program, please please please let us know how it goes! I’m somewhat intrigued by that challenge

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madcow 5x5 or something like this…

awesome idea love a good pull up so thats right up my street…

done the 10,000 kettlebell challenge that was awesome aswell i noticed my grip strength improved so much after this not to mention my explosivness

How do you know your explosiveness went up? It’s a genuine question, not trying to be a dick.

Can clear a room now!


box jumps etc where much better exploding from the floor