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100 Burpees


Anyone have a good program to work up to doing 100 burpees?

I was thinking of doing something of a Density Training routine i.e.

20sets x 5reps (60secs rest) Week 1
19sets x 6reps (60secs rest) Week 2

so & so forth

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Do a search and read the site...that's the answer that most people give so I thought I'd give it a crack to see how smug I feel afterwards.

In all seriousness though. Have a search for 'Westside for Burpees'.

You basically break your Burpee training down into three distinct sessions a cycle.

Personally, I usually do my Dynamic Effort Burpees on Monday's...I'd suggest you do 10 sets of 5 Burpees. Make sure you do each Burpee as fast as you can. Take a short break of 50-70 seconds between sets. Most peoples Burpee sticking point is related to their lack of speed and this is where you can really break through your slow pike.

Do some Repetition Effort Burpees on Wednesday. There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding set and rep protocols. Don't be fooled. The original and still best protocol for mass is German Volume Burpees. Do 10 sets of 10 reps. This will enable you to gain sufficient Burpee mass.

Nothing says here comes the weekend to me like Friday Max Effort Burpee day. I get some hardcore tunes bumping on the stereo. Put on my heaviest training gear, leave all my change, wallet, phone and everything in my pockets for maximum resistance and basically work up to a Burpee single or double. If I am feeling really 'on' I'll even borrow my buddies change and phone and blast through that Burpee plateau. Make sure you have a spotter though in case it all goes wrong and change and shit start flying all over the gym.


try looking on thesealquest.com they have some "cool" bodyweight workouts that include burpee ladders.



I think you denisty idea is good, however wouldn't something like :

5 sets of 20 reps 90secs rest

5 sets of 20 reps 80 seconds rest etc be more appropriate or better :

5 sets x 12 reps 90 seconds rest
5 x 12 80 sec rest
5x 12 70 sec rest
5 x 12 60 sec rest(fail)

go to increase reps:

5 x 14 reps 70 seconds rest
5 x 16 70 seconds rest

i.e. first decrease time until no progress , then increase reps until no progress , then back to decrease time


Umm.... hmmm.

Burpees are an exercise in mental toughness, and in conditioning. Just go do 100 of them. You'll do them faster next time.




Yep I'd say that was best. I did a thing for Press Ups as I hate hate hated doing them.

Set yourself 100 reps and just go to failure with 60secs rest before starting again until you get there.

When I started I could only manage 20 for my first set and then increments of 10 then down to 5-6. Took about 10 'sets' in total, although some of those towards the end were like 2 Press Ups at a time.

Now a month later my first set before failure is around 55 and I do it in three. Second set is around 30 and the last just finishes them off. It's certainly working for me.

Have to say though from doing them in my old Kung Fu classes, Burpees are one of the few exercices I hate more than Press Ups.

Oh, dammit, I'm gonna have to do this with Burpees too now once I've got the 100 Press Ups mastered.


go to ross boxing .com he his a burpee master! his routines will make you locked cocked and ready to rock!


Definately. I like the idea of doing them under a bar and doing a pullup at the end of each rep instead of a star jump.


I take a contrarian approach to burpee training. Rather than all of the volume that some people do, I do doubles and singles. Not heavy, but bodyweight, with 3-5 minute rest intervals. A typical burpee workout might look like:


Occasionally, I will shake it up and do:


I tried:
once, but I was fried for a week.