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100,000 lbs.


When my father was lifting in the 70's during the era of Arnold, he said that in one Muscle and Fitness, they said a workout for him and Franco and the other bodybuilders of that era was 100,000 lbs. of reps. So if they squatted 500 lbs. for 5 sets of 10, that would be 25,000 lbs.

Has anyone tried a workout like that, or know anyone who goes on that principle?


I thought about it once in college then realized, it's a waste of time


I'd like to see 100.000 lbs worth of arm exercising.


i've known someone who made it his goal to move 20,000 pounds in one half hour of lifting.




Jumping jacks.

Lots of 'em.


Pretty damn easy to accomplish if you are doing barbell complexes or something. Grab a 100 pound bar, do 10 of each:

Stiff leg dead lifts
Regular Deadlifts
shoulder press
BB Row
Bench Press

Thats 6,000 pounds right there. Do 12 of each and you are looking at 7,200 pounds. 3 sets and you are already at 20,000

In general I think the whole x-number of pounds moved during a workout is largely useless. Whats going to stimulate the chest more:

135 pounds lifting 12 times(1620 pounds total) or 315 pounds lifted 5 times (1575 pounds total) ?? One is a warm up, the other is a workout.


80lb bench x 250reps


Just tried that today, since I have to cut back on gym time during exam week. Managed to move 20,000 lbs. of weights around with my upper body in 26 minutes, is that ever a good conditioning workout


I'm going to try a 10x10 with 1000lb tomorow.


I'm going to do 1 rep of 100,000pds tomorrow then


Curl it brah!


I'm going to do a quarter squat with 400,000 lbs tomorrow. Mwahahaha.


I could do that with my bench alone..but then again I'm not a bodybuilder.


I've heard of shooting for a certain amount of reps in a workout session, but haven't heard of this before.

One guy told me he did a workout called "3500", where you do 3500 reps of various movements.


I lol'ed.


Wonder how long it would take to recover from that, even if you do finish it.

I did 10x10 with 225 when I could squat 315 for a couple reps. Took a full 7 days to just get rid of the soreness. And that was "only" 22500 lbs.


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