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10 Yrs Training, Trying to be an 'Athlete'


Been training for 10 years. Started off very into Bodybuilding, Dorian Yates was a big influence. Got up to 225 with a "little help" and decided it wasn't for me. Been training pretty consistently the entire time.

Currently trying to lean out as my job as a consultant doesn't lend well to being "hyoooge!" My current goal is to be an athlete. I respect guys who carry serious mass, but at 31 years old, I think those days are behind me. Here are my stats:
195 pounds
Roughly 10%-11% BF

Bench 365
Squat 365(Yeah, I know)
Deadlift 455
Clean and Jerk 225
Snatch 185

My training is a mix of pretty much everything.
Certain days i will head in and do the following
DL 10x3 335
Clean and jerk 10x3 155
Weighted chins 45lbs 5x5
One Arm DB press 100lbs 5x5

other days i will split upper and lower body.
I also do "Alactic sessions" which I got here on T-Nation.

I've been working in some Kettlebell training as well. Been using the programs Mahler setup for a week or so, big benefit.

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING WITH A GRAIN OF SALT I've also recently been trying a little "Crossfit" style trianing. Only doing it for the metabolic conditioning component. I'm not buying into that style of training as the end all be all.

I also have the backyard "compound" setup. I'll flip tires, work the sledgehammer and the slosing pillar of pain.

Lastly, I've been trying to do some sprint work. I've gotten a few good programs from Rosstraining.com. This guy is an animal!!

As far as diet goes, mostly low carb is my route. I'm a big T Dawg 2.0 guy. I try to get in anywhere from 200 to 250 grams of protein a day. I supplement with the following
8-12 Flameout caps a day
Potent MV
CoQ10 100mgs
2-3 Metabolic Drive shakes per day with Benefiber and maybe some Luecine
BCAAs pre, peri, and post workout
Surge w/ luecine and creatine postworkout.

I think that covers most of it. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks everyone.
Surge post workout


another shot


and one more. I think that rounds out the "compulsory" shots


Good work. Quads and arms look good. I know you aren't looking to put on much more weight/size, but you might want to consider trying to put on some more size through the traps, shoulders, and lats. They aren't bad, but the seem a bit lagging relative to the rest of your build.


Good job.

Back thickness is a clear weakpoint. But overall you have a good, balanced physique.


Thanks guys. I agree on the back thickness. It's very difficult for me though. I'm so in between wanting to carry around a decent amount of mass and look like a guy who lifts weights and wanting to be a guy who looks "fit." If I start triaing traps again, they will grow quickly, as will my neck, and my work shirts won't fit very well. Trust me, I would love to look like Frank McGrath from the Universal ads, but it doesn't make the most sense for me right now. I am going to try to bring in the back thickness though. I'll throw in some more rowing and weighted pull ups, i think that will help.


Lat width (you're good here but have a thicker waist so need a tad more width to compensate) and back thickness needs some work.
How about a side chest so we can see chest depth/thickness?


Frank McGrath is definitely a good goal haha.

you look good though man. As people said, back width and back thickness. Legs, chest, shoulders and arms are pretty good if you're content with your size. Good job.

And get that squat up!


Very nice! I'm also aiming for that look, just a bit less of mass :wink:


Finally, someone using the sloshing Pillar, is it not glorious, it is like the ultimate core builder, all I gotta do is lose enough so that I can actually see mine.

BTW, I'm gonna give you a 9 just because you say the goal is to be athletic not huge, so I'm gonna rate you in that regard, I've seen guys with your stats who were way bigger so props





I'm fairly certain he succeeded at giving the OP a 9...


Here is a side shot, for what's it's worth.


and here's one that might somewhat dispel the lack of lat width comments. I CERTAINLY need more middle back development, but I also think being a bit leaner would help.


I'm in the midst of some very hardcore T Dawg/Anabolic Dieting. I will post some more pics in a few weeks.