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10 Years in the Making


Height: 188 cm
Weight: 90 kg

10 years in the making :slight_smile:


10 YEARS for that?

What are your numbers like on the lifts?


Back pic? Wheels? Before pics perhaps...


Cool. Start lifting and in 10 years you might have a nice physique.


Definitely looking forward to seeing your progress pic in 10 years.


Youre like 20 years old right?


you are buff




We don't know what he looked like 10 years ago, so shouldn't be so surprised. Maybe he was 400 lbs, and a woman?


Boom Headshot


i refuse to believe this is serious.


Agreed, this has to be a troll job


10 wks**


He has his own log.


I haven't been in RMP in a few days and as I clicked, I closed my eyes and prayed that a new one of these would be there waiting for me. Thank you, God!


Very sad, waste of a whole decade.


10 years for that ?

Wow, please post your diet and training so we all know what not to do.


Wow how can you people rain on this guys parade?? It is kinda funny, sad??? Is this real?? If its a hoax, very good!!! I've only been training 5 years but I look like Zues compared to this!!!!


Come on guys, I thought people on here found muscular woman sexxy, exciting and appealing... Besides her superclit, she looks quite feminine....


Do you have a RMP?