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10 Years Bodybuilding Transformation +45 Lbs


Wow! You obviously looked great in both photos but a true monster after the weight gain. Well done.

Very good progress, @chriscross555, but some info would be nice. Stats, background, training/diet, anything.

Awsome !

Some Latspread 2 Weeks after Competition.
Gained about 15 lbs


Age: 35
Training since 2006
Compete since 2009

On Stage weight 2020
200 lbs at 5"9

Trainingsstyle: 6 day split

Current kcal intake: 5000 kcal

Lowest kcal in prep: 2800 kcal

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did you measure the circumference of your wrists at some points in time? would be interesting for me to know to what extent that can be affected through training and diet.

Yo Chris.

Your legs in the before picture was far more shredded than the after picture. I’m confused. Were you leaner with the before? You were obviously much bigger with the after picture.

And then with the after picture, your abs are more cut. I’m really confused here, sorry. I don’t know which one you were leaner on.

At this Photo, i diddnt flex my thights properly i think.

But ure right, from the front im much softer as from the Back.

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Some Offseason, Reverse Diet Update.

Legs are growing like Hell.


You should create a training log on here. I’d definitely follow, there’s not too many competing bodybuilders around here.

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I agree. Always need more serious lifter logs!

Some of my favourite topics on here are off-season bodybuilding or prep logs.

Think that would be a Nice Idea.

Let me create Log real quick.