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10 Year-Old Girl Gives Birth



I am without words...


"Yesterday the medical weekly De Huisarts reported that 57 Belgian 10-year-olds had been prescribed a birth control pill last year. Some for medical reasons, but others for actual birth control."

I've given up on this planet a long time ago.


...what the hell.


Why is everyone acting all surprised. We all knew the Europeans were more sophisticated and enlightened than stupid Americans, and this just cinches it. I'm sure there are thousands of little girls around the world who wish they could be raised by their big sister.


Yeah, the 21 days of hormones are shaped like little Barney Rubbles and the 7 blank days are Freds.

Don't miss your Barney or you'll be held out of your play dates.





I'm guessing to rationalize this, they're probably use the fact that their birth rates are abysmal and pitiful (which they are, look at Italy and Holland for example), and that they need to bring the population back up to snuff.


Hey Mike, look on the bright side, at least this one didnt happen in Detroit!


Awesome, I love \b\'s




That is the most shocking thing about this?


Gee, could that have been because she probably hasn't heard the birds and the bees yet?


Sex education and experience at an earlier age makes it easier to work in the porno industry later in life. Seems like the Belgium's might get a monopoly on this multibillion dolor market. Also fucking your way to a promotion can be an important tool in one's career.

These are common practices in many cultures, and you should be more accepting and tolerant of others and what they do behind closed doors.

In all seriousness, there are worse places and shit like this happens in America too. At least we aren't like some countries where child prostitution is rampant.

I not sure how true it is that ten year olds are being prescribed birth control. That seems like BS to me.


Europeans have basically rejected religion. Since, for most folks, religion is their source of morality, they see their country become like that, a degenerate pool of animals all trying to fuck anything that moves, including little children.

We have some of that here with that shitbag that filmed himself getting off on a 3 year old in Las Vegas. No religion, no morality, the society descends into Satanism.


We have much worse crimes in our oh so "religious" society. I never saw our religions prevent anything. Priests sodomize underage boys constantly, then the church has to pay out millions to the victims' families. So much for the religion-as-cure-for-what-ails-us bullcrap.



This is nuts. In Thailand they have girls this young already working the streets.



That's funny, if it weren't for religion, where would you draw your morals from?

You do not need religion as a source of morality; I choose what is right and wrong by common sense and laws, not religion. Common sense tells us that being a child who has not even developed physically and mentally, cannot raise another child.

Also, Satanism is another form of a "religion". No religion = atheism.


That is interesting, because a solid part of our child molesters are catholic priests.


I was going to say something along these lines, but I didn't want to spur a religious debate. I'll simply say that religion is not the basis of morality.

As far as the ten year old getting knocked up, that is just amazing. I am surprised she began menstruating at nine year, but I guess girls are doing this younger nowadays.

I remember walking around the mall a while back and commenting on how attractive this girl was. She has fully developed breasts, taller, looked relatively mature, makeup and all that going on. I would have pegged her as 19 or 20. I walked by her and overheard her friend asking if her mom was going to come pick them up. It struck me that these girls were likely 14 or 15.

It seems girls are developing a lot younger, which sort of makes it difficult to gauge age, and can lead to some troubling situations. Of course ten is pushing it, you get the point.


the fact that you use fox as a news source is the most shocking part of this thread...