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10-Year Old Bottle of Cyp

I about a month ago I bought 2 viles of Cyp. I finished my firsthand now I can’t find my second. I always put it in the same place so somebody must have taken it. I did find a 10 year old vile untouched and unopened, still had the plastic cap on and everything. Since I don’t want to put my doctor in an ad place by prescribing something for me before I would be finished with the second bottle. I opened the old bottle and injected my usual dosage. Is it possibly still good? Couldn’t have gone “bad?” I’ve read that unopened bottles of Cyp last up to 5 years.

Is it a UGL bottle or Pharma?

I got it from a pharmacy in California 10 years ago. How do I know if it’s pharma or UGL?

If you got it from a legit pharmacy then it’s not UGL. I’d trust that it’s still ok to inject. Potency may be less after that long

Oof. After 10 years your risk is that the oil went rancid. If it was three or four I wouldn’t be worried. But 10? No way I’d pin it, personally. It may still be fine, but is that a chance you want to take?

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Thanks man, I injected this morning and then asked, :laughing: Figured I better check. So far so good.

Thanks for the input. I injected this morning. I’m going to use it. I’ll let you know if I live or die. Keep your fingers crossed.

Well let’s hope for ‘live’.

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Surely its got a use by date on it?

I’m sure it does, but I can’t see it on the bottle the label is a little faded. All medication does, but even doctors will tell you that medications can be used after that date. Sometimes the potency is diminished though. Of course a liquid suspension is not the same as a pill so we’ll have to see. I’ll get my levels rested in a few weeks and let everyone know. That way everyone can know for the future. For the record the cottonseed oil it is suspended in is clear and not cloudy at all so that is good to see.

I think pretty much all medicine “expires” a year after its prescribed. Mostly just so it works as expected and as a way to limit liability to the pharmacy and drug companies.

I heard that Dr George tsouliatos address an issue like this not long ago. He said that so long as the original processing was sterile then it shouldn’t turn bad bad, but he did say that as time goes on past the used by date the level of active hormone degrades and decreases in strength. My guess based on that is that 10 years would leave you with very little active hormone but I doubt you’re limb will fall off