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10 X 3 For Deadlift


I have heard people making good gains in size and strength with 10X3. I was wondering if i would get some good results using it for Deadlift.


Try it and see what happens...


I'm doing it now; it hurts like hell, but you feel yourself getting stronger. Just remember to do a good warm up and PWO stretch or else you'll be waddling for a week.


I've done it and liked it. Since you're only doing 3 reps you can go a bit heavier. I suggest using a workout log if you aren't already. It is always hard for me to remember how many sets I've done. Especially after heavy deadlifts.


I thought he was refering to 10 reps for 3 sets, and not 3 reps for 10 sets... they both sound interesting though lol


Can't recommend it highly enough.

Don't be surprised if sets 4-7 are the easiest. Interesting aspect of the ramping of nervous system while accumulating fatique.


I had a 10x5 deadlift day today (third week of ABBH (progresses 10x3 10x4 10x5 with the same weight)).

10x3 deadlift is awsome for mass and strength


It's weird, but I have noticed that.
The first three sets are fucking hell, especially if you're working within 80-90% of your 1RM, but then you just start pumping reps out. The body is a weird thing.


I was amazed by how true this is when i did 10x3...

I have had great experiences with 10x3 deadlift. Tough as hell, excellent workout.


I have also experienced the same thing. And I have never put on more overall mass than when I started deadlifting, and I have always used 10x3 as my primary parameters.

I find that I really have to force myself to continue to add weight, dreading or it whatever, but when I do it seems like I should have bumped up the weight long ago.


I've had excellent progress not just in hamstring development, but in overall strength as well... you'll notice that you may need straps or hooks for your last couple of sets... I did, my grip wasn't up to par, but it sure is now!


I've seen that too. Been doing deadlifts 10 x 3 for about a month now, love it, the weight for my sets has gone up 40 kilos (88 pounds). Some of that was undoubtedly due to not having done a ton of deadlifting in the past and underestimating what I could handle, but still, great progress.


This was recommended in Meltown training, published on this site a couple years ago...

I did it for awhile and liked it.

30 reps total, good stuff.


WOW hearing what you guys have to say about it I will definetly be doing 10X3 for deadlift. I have done 10X3 for bench before and i liked it. I have only been deadlifting for a month(because im a retard) so I hope to get my strength up. Thanks guys for your replies


the 10x3 and deadlift seem to go hand in hand for me. It has been my favorite way to do the exercise for the last while.

I encourage others, once they have somebody watch their form to use the 10x3 and see serious gains.


I know the positive benefits of the 10x3 have been repeated alot but I may as well chime in and agree. It's a great alternative for a few weeks to gear up for a higher amount of weight and intensity before trying something new.


10 x 3 deadlifts made me buy new shorts, curse my massive leg genetics!


i just wanted to say you need to stretch very good before you go heavy,or else you will pay the price.Rings so true today cause i was maxin on DL's and bout 5 mins after my right hammie cramped like nothing else


Great idea. I love 10x3 for deads. I recommend that you ease into them...start out at 75% and just see how your body reacts to it.



thats exactly how i got such sexy traps... not to mention 4 wheels on my deadlift.