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10 x 3 @(6rm)


Can someone please explain this to me?
I don't quite get the 10x3@6rm. I know it is 10 sets, 3 reps, but what is the 6RM?



6rm = six rep max

weight which you can lift six times with good form.


6 Rep Max


There is always some confusion with this. There is nothing saying you wouldn't be able to lift it seven times, just that by the seventh your form should start suffering. That's the idea anyway. You shouldn't be approaching failure by six reps, even in good form, however.


I thought it was 3 reps though?


It is 3 reps. The idea behind using a 6 rep max is that it will allow you to go for 10 sets. The last couple of sets will be the hardest.

If you tried to do 10 sets with a 3RM and short rest periods, you would probably get to the 5th set and lose all form.


And what exactly is the logic behind doing so much submaximal volume?


Chad Waterbury knows no logic, just truths!


Ok, so let me just get this straight, when it says to do 10 sets, 3 reps but 6 reps max, I should aim for 6 reps max?
Just want to make sure I understand it completely.


6RM is a loading protocal.

For most people 6RM = approximately 80% of your 1 rep max.


Johnny has a 1 rep max squat of 300 pounds

Johnny is doing 10x3 at a 6RM

His 6 rep max is 240 pounds. This means that he can squat 240 pounds 6 times before failing or his form falls apart.

So Johnny will perform 10 sets, and do 3 reps each set, with 240 pounds. The point here is to avoid failure, and hence not have to reduce the weight due to fatigue.



That's not quite it. What you do is find the maximum weight that you can lift for 6 reps with good form. That is your 6 Rep Max, or 6RM. You use that weight for all 10 sets and perform 3 reps during each set. Hope that helps!


No, you take a weight you could do for reps with good form and you DO 10 x 3. If you are afraid it is too much "submaximal" volume then just try to push each set harder/faster/more explosively. It is maximal as far as force production, it is submaximal as far as energy requirements, therefore it is ideal for muscle.