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10 x 3/ 3 x10


I want to spend the next several weeks building mass and improving my basic strentgh.

I plan to use the Trapbar Deadlift and the Dumbell Bench as my main exercises.

I've been wondering if it would make sense to alternate between 10 x 3 & 3 x 10.

Something like this.

Workout A= Deadlift 10 x 3, Bench 3 x 10

Workout B= Bench 10 x 3, Deadlift 3 x 10

I am just coming back after a long layoff, so idea of super short workouts appeals to me.


I plan on duing EZ-curls every other workout.


sounds interesting, but it's just so little work. if you've got the time and the will, do a larger variety of exercises.


I think this is an outstanding routine.
I use something very similiar to this for 4 weeks after 8 weeks of "normal" training.

The only difference is that I add standing presses and weighted chins, each for 3 x 8-10.

It's nice to get back to something very simple and basic after a period of training when you do a ton of different things.


Are these the only exercises you will be doing for your mass-phase?

If so, it's severely lacking....

How often will you be training?

Why direct bicep work, but not triceps or any other targeted group?

I see nothing wrong with the 10x3/3x10 concept for a while, but its the comprehensiveness of the routine that needs some attention.


Why are you not squatting?


what this guys is asking is what about your rear delts and vastus medialis no this is good training if your doing it for sport and you got the confines of that specific training good luck


ez curls why for the girls


I would put in some pull ups. My biceps blow up from pull ups and the routine as is could possibly use some direct back work more than direct bicep work.


I think this routine is similar to what you want.
You probably seen it before


I used to be a serious squat fan...but I'm just kinda sick of them.

I am a 32 year old guy who works 6 days a week, I don't really "need" to squat.

The Trapbar is almost a "squat-lift", even more so if done from a deficit.


Good point! I guess I could replace curls with underhand rows.


I have also been toying with the idea of adding a 1 x 30 day, more like a Bill Starr heavy-light-medium format.

Workout A:
TBDL 10 x 3
ROW 3 x 10
D.B. BENCH 1 x 30

Workout B:
TBDL 1 x 30
ROW 10 x 3
D.B. BENCH 3 x 10

Workout C:
TBDL 3 x 10
ROW 1 x 30
D.B. BENCH 10 x 3


I always post about this guy's workout. Look back in the author's search for CS Sloan's "Longer not Harder". That has a heavy/light/medium day routine. We all need to squat, unless you physically can't.


The concept of doing a 10x3 and then 3x10 day is a good idea (and the 1x30 is great for active recovery). But only trap bar deads and DB bench is kinda skimpy, at least in terms of a mass phase IMO.

I'd suggest at least 4 compound exercises though; one focusing on each part of the body; IE- bench, row, trap bar DL, overhead press -or- dip, chin, squat, power cleans. That's just my personal preference on how to do total body though. You may decide it's too little or too much.

Experiment! But add at least 2 more compounds in there, if not to add some more mass, then to at least help prevent imbalances (which will hinder your gains, and even worse, you'll end up hurting yourself).

My two cents.


Squats are NOT the do all/be all/ is all of the weightlifting world. They are very very very important, but so are deadlifts, presses, rows etc. If he is using a trap bar to deadlift, then it wont be quite the same as a normal deadlift. The positioning of the load, and they way you have to lift it makes it function partially as a squat as well. A better question might be why is he not rowing, doing some form of shoulder pressing, chinning, and squatting.


I update this post in 10 weeks.


Oh what the hell, I make it TBDL'S, ROWS, Db-BENCH and OHP'S.


Pressing, chinning, rowing: these things make you strong.

Squatting makes you a man.