10 wks Test e first cycle log

23 yo

weeks 1-10 500mg test e
weeks 2-10 0.25mg liquidex e2d

Pinning Sunday and wednesday or thursday

Nolva 40/40/20/20 or something like that, will decide towards the end

i got my liquidex late, 1 week after starting my cycle (stupid i know), i bloated from first week and had a gyno lump behind my nipples… got on adex from week 2 and took nolva 40mgs for 3 days, lump was gone.


10 egg whites, 3 whole eggs, 2 cup oats and 250ml whole milk
250g beef or breast chicken, rice and vege side
gym 2-3 hours after lunch

2 scivation whey scoops
250g beef or 450g tinned tuna with rice, vege
2 scoops whey with 250 ml milk

i follow IIFYM principle, so i eat at what ever frequency that is convenient to me as long as i eat every thing i stated.


Orange Triad mutli with added joint formula
fish oil 4-8 caps a day
nutrex hemorage stim pre w/o (will cycle off from week 4 then start at pct)
beta alanine and citruline malate (will replace stims pre w/o)
creatine mono (will load up on it last 4 weeks - after pct and beyond for nice water retention and some strength
DAA after PCT

week 4

sunday pin today, first jap was painful once i pushed the needle deep, i took it out and used new needle, jabbed in sucked out nothing then injected… when i pulled out the needle blood started dripping in thick amounts, i put pressure on it for few seconds then it stopped.

so far i have not noticed anything strength wise, my nuts have not shrinked yet, i have put on 4kgs of water weight or fat.

hopefully i feel something this week as im starting to doubt this gear that i have

and i have just thought that i should put a log somewhere :slight_smile: pretty much 3 weeks have passed and i feel nothing but abit of bloat/maybe abit of fat gain.

how ever my libido skyrocketed from second week… feels like i am 15 years old again, but i prefer to ejaculate 2-3 times max a week… as too much sex fuks up with my aggression in the gym

that prettymuch sums up what i felt/experienced so far on cycle

looking forward to everything kicking in in a week or 2

crtiques on anything is welcome

week 4

monday workout:

squat 4 sets of 9 (smolov routine)

yates rows 3 sets 10 10 12
seated cable rows 10 10 12
side db rows 8 8 8
lat pull down 12 12 10
seated machine row 12 12 12
tbar attachment pull down 12 12 12

10 mins low intensity walking/jogging intervals

workout was kinda sloppy, still dont feel anything from the test, and just got off stims/pre wo supp to cycle off it.

should i worry about alot of blood leaking after removing the needle ?

i think i might have hit a vein but will post here just incase its something else

I alway aspirate before injecting and sometime I leak some blood, sometimes when shooting quads it literally streams out but stops after 3 secs of pressure against it. Nothing to worry about, sometimes you pin through a vein. I started using 1 cc 29 ga syringes and haven’t had any leakage or bleeding issues since.