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10 Wk Cycle, Felt Nothing. Will T Levels Drop in 6 Months?

I’ve taken my first cycle of test 400 …200mg a week 2x 100mg for 10 weeks …I felt nothing till about week 6 7 8 …then I felt nothing at all up to week 10 …I’m going taking tamoxifen and clomid …my mate tells me in 6 months I’m going too feel like shit and and my test levels are going to drop dramatically …is this true .what too do ? 29 yr old male

Read the stickies at T Replacement about HPTA recovery. If you follow a proper protocol you should recover. You would notice negative sides much sooner than 6 months. That test is out of your system in a couple weeks and your HPTA is suppressed with out proper PCT.

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