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10 Weeks TRT, Protocol Advice? Need Help

Hello everyone, i am brazilian, 30 years old, sorry for any english mistake

So here is my situation, I am on TRT for 10 weeks and these are my numbers:

100mg every 5 days (cypionate) so thats 140mg/ week, NO AI, NO HCG, bloodwork taken one day before aplication:

Total testosterone: 1252,49 ng/dl range: 175,00 ----- 781,00 ng/dl
DHT: 576,4 pg/ml range:135,0 --------1365,0 pg/ml
Free Testosterone: 36,024 ng/dl range:3,400 -------- 24,600 ng dl
Estradiol: 87 pg/ml range: 11 ------------- 44 pg/ml
SHBG: 25,5 nmol/L range: 13,2 ---------- 89,5 nmol/L

I have a huge exame here so let me know if you want some more number i just put what i think its essencial.

My life changed for good in all aspects, good libido, good energy, 0 hair loss, 0 acne, 0 gyno, my doctor its a really really good doc and person, i asked to him if i could up my dose for 200mg/ week because i want to improve bodycomposition and a little more libido, he said its fine and if something go wrong i can call him imediatally.

So… my E2 its 87, (i compared my results with a user forum @Dexter_Morgan1 and my E2 seems ok if we look the ranges) i am a low SHBG guy, i am afraid of broke something its good, what do you think about this? i really wanna just a little improvements (just bodyrecomp and a little more libido, i cant do sex all days, maybe 5 days a week) but i can live with this dose (140mg) all my life for sure.

I think I would stay. You’re reporting significant benefits, right? The fat loss you’re after can take several months, a lot of men experience that at 6-8 months.

Regarding libido, it’s OK not to want to have sex every day…as long as your partner is OK. It’s all relative. I had a guy having sex with his wife twice daily tell me his libido could be better.

Of course, you could make the increase, you could always go back down if needed. You could also split the difference and take 120mg q5d, a smaller jump, that’s another option. Sometimes, more is not better.

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Thanks for the reply, i totally agree with “more is not better”, its just a test you know? I use 140mg/week now, i could just do 100 mg every 4 day (thats 175/week)

What do you think about my estradiol? And my numbers in general?
Do you think 35mg more its a big change? Do you think 60mg more could be really bad?

Your E2 does not concern me at all and your numbers are fine. More importantly, you report “life changed for the good, in all aspects”.

Nothing wrong with experimenting and more might be better. I don’t think 35mg is a big change, or 60mg for that matter. Most would be fine with either.

Part of me thinks if you’re happy, just leave it alone. Another part thinks if that is not good enough for you, you want to be really happy, etc., then push it. As I mentioned, you can always back down if needed.

Thanks a lot, i Just dont want the gyno or the hair loss haha at same time i am curious to see my libido and my energy at a higher dose…

This is not necessarily better with more. My libido is best at my TRT dose of 140mg/wk same as yours. When I up it my libido gets worse.

@control where are you from? Have you struggled to find a doctor that prescribes trt? I’m asking because I’m brazilian too, and its being very difficult to find one

Search for Rômulo Jogaib at YouTube, great doctor, really really great, thank me later

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Romulo is a great doctor and person for sure, Im subscribed to his chanel on youtube and always watch his videos. But I’m from RS…

@sakuragi he does telemed, you just need Skype, get his number

Thank you! I’ll give it a try

@dbossa what do you think?

Not familiar with him

@dbossa i mean what do you think about my Topic questions hahhahaha

You feel fantastic but now you saw a number for E2 (OMG! NOT E2!!) and now you’re wondering it your protocol is OK.

Don’t touch a thing. You feel good because you’ve got optimal levels of both estradiol and testosterone.

Somebody needs to make an estrogen monster meme


@control do you have an instagram account? Lets talk about this in portuguese, if you dont mind

I am not worried about my E2 right now, i am worried about the sides if i up my doses to 200mg/week

Look at my fórum profile and send me a email, i can provide you my contact