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10 Weeks to Go

Hi, Basically I’ve got a Beach Body competition in 10weeks. I’ve been training 2years (ish) but not consistently, with any long term plans. Basically I need to focus on the ‘show’ muscles for this shoot, and considering my strengths/weaknesses and the goal, I will be focusing on Chest (upper), Shoulders (medial), Arms and calves. My back (specifically lats) is slightly over developed compared to the rest, so i will be not hitting it directly, I will also be leaving out leg training due to sport, and to allow max growth/recovery of other muscles.

I have done days of research, sitting on tnation/google, and there have been loads of useful information, but I really struggle to define a total workout plan for my goals, and training experience. rather than a ridiculously advanced ‘blast your arms with 100sets’ workout.

This is what I’ve decided on, please criticize away! Oh and for the record, the max times i can gym a week is 4, and i’m 21…

Monday -Upper Body (Chest/Shoulders focus)

1a) Dips/Bench Press 4x8-10
2a) Upright BB Rows 4x8-10
3a) Incline DB Press 4x10-12
4a) Face Pulls 4x10-12
5a) Incline Cable Flyes 4x10-12 -maybe 3sets?
5b) Lateral Raises 4x10-12 -maybe 3sets?

Wednesday -Lower Body

1a) (Quad Focused) Leg Press 4x10-12
1b) Calf Press 4x10-12
2a) Stiff Deadlifts 4x8-10
2b) Knee Raises 4x8-10
3a) Flat Calf Press 4x10-12
3b) DB Rollouts 4x10-12

Friday -Arms

1a) BB Curls 4x8-10
1b) Rope Extentions 4x8-10
2a) Preacher Curls 4x10-12
2b) Seated DB Extentions 4x10-12
3a) Hammer Curls 4x10-12 -maybe 3 sets?
3b) Reverse Grip Tricep Extentions 4x10-12 -maybe 3 sets?

So there it is, I will be lifting with a 2/0/X cadence, roughly 1minute rest, using speed reduction/ form reduction as my measure of failure…

Please, please, please share your thoughts, and thanks in advance!


Beach body in England? Guess you should start eating a shit load of chips, drink copious amounts of stella artois and get a wife beater tan :wink: