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10 Weeks til Meet


Im 18 and want to do my first powerlifting meet. The one Im going to is 10 weeks away and is a bench only meet. I weigh 130 My current bench is 170. Any advice?


Not really. What does your current bench workout look like? What program do you follow?


I do decline bench 2 warm up sets and one working set of 6-8 reps. Incline dumbell bench 1 warmup 1 active of 6-8 reps. Then flyes 1 warmup 1 till failure around 15-20.


Thats just chest day. When I practice powerlifting technique i do alot of singles and doubles with light weight to warm up and practice technique, then ramp up to find my max. I know there are better ways and I am looking for advice to be better at what I love doing.


how much have you been lifting? if you have been lifting for quite a while(about a year) and have decent form already, i would suggest running two cycles of 5/3/1 4 lifts per week, so that should be 8 weeks, then do some really light workouts,especially on the bench,nothing above 60%, and 7 days before the meet nothing just eat,sleep and eat some more. good luck with your meet :slight_smile:


Ive been lifting for the last 4 years. But Ive had injuries to my knees and shoulders which are just nbow clearing up, thus the restart. And thanks for the advice and encouragement :slightly_smiling: good luck to yourself


You weigh 130 lbs? Are you male or female?


Male. And i weigh between 130-140. 5 foot 9


You're massively underweight.

You won't even look like you lift weights till you weigh 180.
Do a proven program like 5/3/1 and eat everything thats not tied down.
The only good I can see from doing a meet at this stage is that it will be a hard reality check.


Thanks lookin for help not a cheap shot. And Im in the Army where running and bodyweight excercises are key, so being small helps. I also mentioned that I have injures both knees working and my shoulder lifting and am just now getting a restart. But its cool. Im starting a 5/3/1 program and I realize I am underweight. I also realize Ive got along way to go. I didnt get on here and ask for help because Im making a run at the Olympics.


I love powerlifting and just wanted advice on the sport I lvoe from what I am assuming are reliable sources on this site. Im not Andy Bolton or Scot Mendelson, nor do I claim to be or have goals to come close. I just want to do something I enjoy and get better at it the longer I do it.


oomgggggggggg i am 5'0 and I weigh 140lbs


Congrats? Once again, just an 18 year old kid. Ive overcome asthma and all kinds of shit. Im the least naturally athletic person I know. So Ill glady sit where Im at. I have worked for it. And 5'0 140? I didnt know Snooki was a subscriber to T-Nation. Love the show! JWOWW has great tits. You... Id give a 7.


yes, because snooki powerlifts so I am sure our bodies are identical.

BUT for the record my comment wasn't intended to be an insult, it was just a comment that I typed in capital letters because I was surprised.



My bad. Feel like an asshole now. Im nto claiming to be good at this sport, or have any potential. Just lookin to have some fun. Ill never get to play football or basketball, but this I can do. Anyone that lifts and loves it understands that.


My advice is don't be discouraged by asshole comments on the internet. Contrary to the impression you might have got from some of the asshole comments on this thread, I think you will find that everyone is supportive at meets in real life and you will have a great time and learn alot. And meets have weight classes for a reason.

I have been PLing for 18 or so months and have been to two meets and I had a great time at both of them. I am not going to be a pro powerlifter either, and I'm over 40 and carry extra fat. I didn't let that stop me or feel the need to wait until my body composition met someone else's idea of where it should be. Again, everyone at both meets I went to was very supportive and did not look down on new lifters, regardless of their weight class, age, or experience. The most important thing is to work hard and keep improving.

What fed are you lifting in? Do you have any specific questions? I'll do my best to answer them from the perspective of a guy who is also relatively new to the sport but who has two meets under his belt.

Good luck at your meet,



Thanks Jack. Its a PAP meet and its the 2nd Annual Bench Press in Princeton WV March 19th. What is required to compete. Clothing etc?


Thanks Jack. Its a PAP meet in Princeton WV. The 2nd Annual Bench Press March 19th. Anyhting I need or need to know? What clothing is required? Things like that.


I am not familiar with that fed, it looks like a new regional fed. It also looks pretty informal. Here are the rules, I would take a look at bench and costume rules.


I doesn't look like you need a singlet, but I'd e-mail the meet director to make sure and just ask if there are any costume requirements, like flat shoes, etc. Or don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call the meet director. Tell him its your first meet and ask him what you need to know. That's what I did my first meet and I am glad I did.

Also, practice your bench with a pause and commands, that might throw you a little if you don't practice. Finally, open light. Make sure that your first lift is easy for you.