10 Weeks Out

!!!In underwear do not look if you get offended or something!!!

First time post and might as well make it a physique one. Been lurking on this site for about 3 years. Training for bodybuilding for 2. 25 years old as of June and decided to do my first full (I hope) natty contest. Just wanted some opinions of some poses I did. I need a lot of practice on my posing. Nowhere near decent but I got time on my hands to do that.

rear double bi

front relaxed

side tricep

front lat spread

Most muscular

side chest

You have a great physique, but your posing really sucks for the most part (lol, sorry).

Spend some time paying attention to learning how to pose and display your physique well and it will make a world of difference. Front lat spread and side tri are probably your best poses as of now simply because you look silly in the others, lol.

I realize my posing sucks. This was actually my first time attempting. I have a lot of practicing to do.

Spend at least a few days getting in plenty of practice, then come back and post another round of pics.

Like I said, great physique, and you seem to be right on time, conditioning wise. Keep that shit up.

Great physique. Only weakness I can see is lat width and maybe chest, but its hard to tell with the posing.

2.25 years of training? Dayum. Did you have any athletic background before starting lifting? good work.

Played baseball all 4 years of HS, football my senior year, but i was only 5’6 till my last few months as a senior. Week as hell too. Then all of a sudden i blew up to 6’2. Talk about about late bloomer. Two years ago i couldn’t even squat 135 with horrible groin pain, so i had a lot to work on. Still pretty week in the strength department, but up until last year i had constant shoulder issues that i have fixed, but kept up on my deadlifting and squatting.

Nothing special but
deadlift- 515 3 rep max
Squat- 405 3 rep max (damn monkey limbs!)
Bench 320 3 rep max

Ill post new posing pics Friday, plan on doing a lot of posing practice after my second training session Thursday.

Those are solid numbers.

Great potential - definitely have a very aesthetic physique.

You’ll do very well when your posing gets corrected. Good stuff.

Awesome physique man, hope you do great in your show. Would you mind sharing details about your training, diet, stuff like that??

Very impressive physique, and great conditioning for so far out! Once you get better at actually showing what you’ve built, you’re going to do very well IMO. Watch as many videos as you can. Find recordings of prejudgings and compare how different competitors hit the same pose. Pay attention to WHY one method looks better than others. Then spend a hell of a lot of time in front of a mirror :slight_smile:


wow! thanks Stu! Means a lot coming from you.

I have been looking at videos lately and I’m trying to incorporate different things. Did a 45 min front lat posing session last night after my PM training. 45 mins and only got like 5 shots. will be practicing every night for 30 mins-hr nightly and sometimes after my AM training if my girl is there. Trying my best to practice every day until my show. BTW white skin and bright lights no definition. Still a lot to work on, still not that good.

I will get into training/diet later when I have more time to lay it out.