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10 Weeks Out. Need Help Losing Weight

Hey guys, wanted to make a post. Wanted to share what I’m doing and get some feedback, also had a few questions!? I’m competing in Classic Physique division A. I need to get down to 177 in order to make weight. I’ve currently come down from 210 to 189 and still have a long ways to go.

10weeks out

Macros are currently
2300 Cals

I’m cycling carbs every 4th day 400g (double my usual)

30-45min every day stair master Except on high carb days

I’m struggling with loosing weight big time. My body is holding on strong at between 189-192

Should i lower my caloric intake with maintaining protein as best as possible? Should I lower carbs this far out?

At what point do I start lowering carbs and how low do I bring them?

I’ll be keeping updated on this post as much as I can, thought Ide share my journey. I tried prepping for a show last year but couldn’t loose weight in time and also didn’t have my head in the right place. Anywho. This time around it’s balls to the walls and I’m going to make it happen!!!

Dude less than 50g carbs a day seems a bit extreme for 10 weeks out. Maybe around week 5 or 6 Ide say ok. But I really don’t know, that’s why I’m asking when the best time to start reducing carbs would be. I’ll look into that diet more. Seems pretty rough. But then again my diet now is pretty strict. When I get time I’ll write out what an average day looks like currently.

Ok guys decided today to shoot for a lower carb day. Here is today’s meal breakdown

Meal1: 1cup Egg whites
2oz Asparagus

Meal2(pre workout): 4oz lean ground beef
6oz sweet potato
1/3 cup steamed broccoli

Meal3(post workout): 1 scoop lean whey (30P/5C/2F)
1 Packet albacore in water
1 avocado cup (100cal)

Meal4: 4oz lean ground beef
6oz sweet potato
1/3 cup steamed broccoli

Meal5: 6oz grilled chicken breast
1/3 cup broccoli

Meal6: 1 scoop lean whey

So today’s total macro breakdown equals

1500 calories
198 grams protein
94 grams carbs
34 grams fat

I may take a double scoop of protein tonight to bump my protein and calories a bit along with 2 tbsp of almond butter for a little fat since I’m only sitting at 34 grams.

Usually I would have 8oz of carbs every meal but today decided to only have carbs pre and post. Going to try this for a few days with a refeed on Friday.

Stu and Rob’ll jump in no doubt and help you out.

Good on you for doing a show!


If you are still 10 weeks out and are only 12 lbs away from making weight, you are doing great. I have always lost 7 to 10 lbs in water from Thursday morning to weigh on Friday night. If you drop your carbs increase your good fats. MCT oil is great, or just natural peanut butter. Take your carbs before and right after your workout, and drink as much water as you can. From your pics it seems you are looking pretty good.

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Thank you!!! And yes that’s basically what I’ve been doing. I’m not going totally keto, but I’ve dropped Carbs to under 150 for now and see how it plays out till about 8 weeks out. I’ll be doing a refeed once a week. 400-600g Carbs so far my carbs are before and after workouts. Breakfast are proteins and fats(avocado) and last meal is just protein and greens. 2 tbs almond butter before bed… yummmmmm haha. Still not looking as dry as I would like. But I have plenty of time. Respect the process. Although I must say. Between the low carbs and 30-45 min stair master after my lifts I am literally drained. No energy!! Can’t imagine what the last couple weeks of prep rate going to hold

Could swap/aletrnate the stairmaster with this walking plan…

Also on high carb day finish with a limited amount of metabolic work, something like this…

I’ve actually given the walk to shredded routine a run for its money about a year ago. I usually alternate between the stair master and incline treadmill, however lately the stair master has been giving my leg development a run for ITS money!! Haha also what is the reasoning behind not doing cardio on high carb days? Is it to give your body somewhat of a break to soak up the carbs and refill glycogen stores?

Dropping carbs on SOME days isn’t a bad thing. Some people get the impression that they suddenly won’t be able to hold a coherent thought, which is pretty far from the truth.

I like to use the analogy of “running your car with half a tank of gas” when throwing in the odd “low” carb days here and there. You’ve got several hundred grams of glycogen stored in your skeletal muscles and your liver at almost any given time, so when Dr. Oz pretends he’s “fatigued” because he didn’t have any carbs with his breakfast, he’s completely full of shit -lol.
Ideally you want your body to have to use what you give it, and that applies to all of your macros, not just carbs. Carbs are special though in the fact that they store water with them (which can skew your scale weight readings!), as well as help preserve muscle in a caloric deficit (which is why you don’t always want to just drop 'em out unless you really know what you;re doing)

Without knowing anything about what you’ve been doing (and I don’t mean your daily breakdown, I mean the actually tracking of what changes have resulted in what results, in terms of foods, training and cardio), I would always hesitate to just drop everything lower, especially with ~10 weeks to go.

I’d play with a few “lowER” days here and there without dropping daily numbers and down regulating your metabolic rate, as well as look at your cardio. If you’re doing LISS, you may be better suited with less sessions, but an intense HIIT bout here and there. The few times I’ve had clients do LISS instead of HIIT is when we’;re dealing with serious stress/cortisol issues and the HIIT is skewing our readings and visuals.

Hope that helps a bit.


Looking good man, agreed that you’re in a good place, but it’ll be important to continue progress and avoid any further bumps in the road.

It’s hard to give any specific advice without knowing you, your history, what you’ve been doing throughout your prep so far, etc. There are SO many factors that play in to getting down to sub 5% for the stage, and everyone is different. Some people benefit from doing more HIIT training to get down there, for me once I got to 8-9% I stopped HIIT training and added another LISS session because HIIT was doing more harm than good. Some people benefit from lowering carbs, others not as much.

Ultimately, if you’re stalled or not losing at the rate you want to, you need to create more of a deficit, which can be done either by eating less, adding more cardio, or a combination of both. For me I was able to get to 10% easily with moderate carbs and relatively little cardio. To dial in to stage level though, I had to lower carbs, add ludicrous amounts of LISS and make sure I had a refeed when needed.

I feel ya. If you’re doing it right for a bodybuilding show, the last 4-5 weeks will leave you feeling drained and wondering how you’re even going to walk from A to B. A common phrase is that the ones who look the best usually suffered the most and embraced the suck.

If you had to bail out of a show last year, and are having trouble getting down to stage ready this year, IMO hiring a coach would be a smart move. There are so many variables in getting to stage conditioning, the advice you get on here will hopefully help things go in the right direction, but ultimately having someone who knows every detail about what you’ve been doing, how you handle things and has been there before would be ideal. Just my .02.

Personally I did LISS on my high carb days, not as much as the other days though. It’s not as much about refilling glycogen stores, that’s not a priority on a prep. A high carb day boosts leptin production, and sends a temporary signal to your body that it’s not dying and doesn’t need to hold on to it’s resources, especially as you get leaner it’ll be important to know how often to refeed and how many carbs to take. Doesn’t take a ton. Especially as you get leaner, you may benefit from lowering carb intake on refeed days because it won’t take as much to get the job done. Refeed days are all about more carbs, but you want to only take what is necessary to send the right signals and keep progress moving.

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