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10 Weeks Into Test/Tren Cycle, Serious Headache


On 50mg tren a Ed
On 125mg test e 3 times a week.
Been doing this 10 weeks now and 2 more weeks left.

Since Saturday, during masterbating, working out or having sex I have a serious and I mean serious headache behind my left eye. Nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. Had my BP checked today and that’s normal. But just had fun on the pc and after I was done I thought my head would ezplosd. I had to lay down and even now its fkin hurting like mad. What could this be?

Anyone? Is agony

I went blind in one eye from extended use of tren

Did you have extreme pain when working out behind the eye? What eye was it?

I’d say stop cycle and begin PCT.

Coital Cephalgia. I had them a few months ago when I was on Tren. The pain was unbearable as you’ve described.

I resolved this by not having sex for a few days (which was a difficult feat on Tren) after taking advice from someone on here. It went away.


Test BP (blood pressure), if very high… drop tren

Nvm you said bp was normal

Dude go see a doctor.

Even if your BP is in normal range what if thats a blood clot or swollen blood vessel, thats dangerous man.

Have it checked out just in case.