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10 Weeks Into Test/Eq Cycle, Now Having Side Effects

Hey everyone, been reading this forum for a few years now decided I’d actually make an account and get a little more active with the people I’ve gained so much information from.

Endocrinology,AAS and any other performance enhancing drugs available has always been a interesting topic/hobby of mine for the last ten years. Anyway let’s get to some questions I’ve been having a hell of a time finding information about online.

First of all here is my current Regimen

I am on my 10th week of 500mg Sust, 600mg EQ .25 aromasin ED sometimes EOD if I notice my joints getting sore as well as HCG @ 250IU twice a week. Sometimes MK-677 if I have a hard time sleeping. (MK-677 is one of my favorites for better sleep, elevated mood, higher level of mental cognition, etc).

Ok so problem number one, I went on a stag houseboat party did a bunch of boozin and some illicit substances - two days post trip I had my morning tug and I nutted 90% blood a condition known as “hematospermia” - now my question is this something caused by the use of EQ? (Cyst formation in the prostate) because I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life (29 years old) and this is the first cycle I’ve used EQ but also the first time I’ve used aromasin instead of adex. I’ve tugged three times since then and no signs of blood… any information is helpful.

Next question
The first two 20 ml of my sust and eq was fine. But I had a couple weeks where I was waiting for some eq to show up and I went limp dick. (While still on 500mg of sust) so far at ten weeks I’ve probably only gained 6-8 lbs of muscle and lost some fat. But total body changes is maybe 10-12 lbs almost no water weight at all. Is my sust garbage? As soon as I got my eq back on track my dick is back operating like a dick on gear. I have very little acne and I usually get a bit of cystic on my back from test. I’m leaning towards it being garbage. Is there anyway to test the testosterone levels?

My last question is:
does everyone know of a website that does blood palette tests where I can print out the sheet and bring it to the care facility instead of going through my doctor (Canada) my Canadian doctor is basically clueless about hormones, I can’t trust her to give me any proper data on my bloodwork. Sometimes I wonder how they even get there PhD… like for example she once prescribed me Effexor for depleted mood instead of checking my hormone levels… lol nice give me the most powerful SSRI linked to Suicide instead of actually looking into my body. :rofl:

Thanks again everyone!