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10 Weeks- Drop 40lbs?


I have the above time frame and weight loss goal. I am 6'2" 248 lbs aprx 23% BF;31 years old , 10+ years of weight training experience( slacked off last 9 months)

I have just order 2 bottles of Hot Roxs to give it a try. I was a huge Xenadrine supporter back in 1999 & 2000-during 1999 I dropped 40lbs down to approx 210 looking good, but that was a 14 week period.

I also have my Protein Factory Penta Pro 8 lbs in the house . Another product/company I fully endorse.

I am willing to sacrifice some lean body mass 1-10 lbs during this 10 week period. to get down low body weight.

I would assume my good fat calories need to be in order to ensure my daily total calories will be in-line. Olive Oil, Flax, etc....

Anyone with that has any suggestions with diet or training to help in this crash loss scenario

Also I have been an " on & off" again reader of this site for the past several years. It is the best site for muscle info. And it is still free , the best part....

Merry Christmas Bob!!!!


40 lbs in 10 weeks is a lot. You are going to loose a lot of muscle even with hot rocks.

If I were you I would consider getting some MAG10 and stacking it with Hot Rocks and going on the "fat fast"
t-mag diet.
That will definitely jump start your fat loss!!


Not to say it can't be done or poo poo your goal, but that's a 4 pound a week goal you set for yourself.

I wish you luck!


Don Alessi answered a similar question in a previous issue of his Iron Dog column. I'd look into that issue (possibly 209) for more info on how to set up training and nutrition to achieve your goals.


You can do it, but will need to take at least 2 doses daily of 4-ad-ec, or mag-10 to maintain muscle mass. High protein/fat, and low carbs are the way to go. Read the article Steroid Dieting for info.



I admire your apparent attitude, but would discourage you from trying to lose 40lbs in 10 weeks! I think a more realistic goal would be 25lbs. or so, in this time frame. what's the hurry? Do it right.

I have trained many, many people-And I have found that 10lbs. in one month is plenty. This way you will not lose muscle while trimming.

The interesting part about it is that every single person that I trained, who wanted and needed to lose weight, wanted to do it to quickly!

I wonder how many others have noticed this phenomenon?


yeah, what's the rush for? Give yourself some more time. And do not be willing to sacrifice lbm!


To me your question sounds no different than an overweight person walking into a supplement store and asking "what's the fastest way to lose weight?". While you probably already know that you CAN lose 40lbs in 10 weeks you should note that 10 weeks of hard work can't make up for 9 months of slacking.

By losing muscle and being on an extreme hypocaloric diet you'll decrease your metabolism and end up storing fat as soon as you begin eating normally. There are no shortcuts in this game. You can get there, but you're going to come right back to where you are now.


I do believe it is possible, but you really have to work at it, and this does not mean it is a good idea. Try to do whatever you can to not lose LMB. That can destroy your diet. If you are willing to go extreme, you could do the Fat Fast diet. (Along with a large source of sugar free Metamucil. Unless you want to get in touch with your feminine side, and experience the equivalent of childbirth.)

The biggest problems are that it is a real hard program to follow, and the carbohydrates are so low that (in Berardi's words,) your body could forget how to process carbohydrates.

I would say to try to use the max Hot Rox for the 10 weeks. Take 4-AD-EC for the 10 weeks. (You can use it longer then Mag-10, so it's a better choice for dieting.)

Go on the T-Dawg 2.0. Follow it exactly:


Alessi has a recommendation for quick weight loss alternating portions of Meltdown training I & II. His article about that is here:


You could also use Staley's EDT for fat loss. That article is here:


The most important thing to remember is it does no good loosing 10 pounds this week if you lose nothing the next 9.