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10 Weeks Developmental Olympic Lifting


@CT the program looks phenomenal did you notice any physique changes for the athletes that did this program?


[quote]nickj_777 wrote:
@CT the program looks phenomenal did you notice any physique changes for the athletes that did this program?[/quote]

The two male athletes that had the best lift progression (Jason and Felix) gained about 7-8lbs in the process but both are very lean (Jay is a true 6% maybe even a tad less).

Both are 6’1" and started out at 205 and ended up at 212 and 214. One weird thing is that they actually gained more muscle at first but lost some in the last phase which is basically only doing the competitive lifts and squats. At one point both were 218.

Also note that Jay was doing Crossfit in the afternoon which obviously limited the size gains he made.

Strength wise Jay went from 235 in the snatch to 285 (actually even tried 300 at a crossit competition. held it overhead but lost it) and his clean & jerk went from 335 to 375 (he also cleaned 380). NOTE: his technique was REALLY hit or miss prior to this training cycle. He was very strong but his Olympic lifts didn’t follow. So his improvement on the Olympic lifts are super impressive but are also due to a great technical improvement. His back squat went from 465 to 500 (the program doesn’t have much back squat) and his front squat went from 385 to 425. He also deadlifted 600 at a crossfit competition even though we didn’t train the powerlifting deadlift.

Felix went from a 235 snatch to 265, almost making 275 (had it overhead, failed to stabilize it). His clean improved from 315 to 345 but at the end of the cycle his jerk suffered a major technique breakdown that has been fixed now, but he is just starting lifting heavy again. Felix was a much better technician at the beginning, explaining why the improvements are not as steep. His front squat went from 335 to 375 and we didn’t test the back squat because of a slight knee issue.


Very insightful as always coach, appreciate it. I’m also more aware of “Neuro” fatigue/recovery, particularly as the way my body responds to training (pump vs. no pump, intensity vs. no passion to kill weights, etc.).

It seems little things add up (like ring work, “accessory” moves for volume) and the negative effects become more pronounced days, weeks, months after doing something.

Your posts too reflect a more conservative approach (balanced view to heavy lifting, failure is what matters for hypertrophy vs. load, even your personal training frequency) but of course you’ve been lifting for a long time. I think at 28 still have years to go but figuring more stuff out…and now I really want muscle gains with least “CNS”/recovery impact so might revisit pins or hammer strength layers.

Thanks and hope holidays are treating you well


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Just reading through this program it looks like a great one for leg, and yoke development. I might do the first two phases sessions 1 to 25 as I like all of the elements. Thank you for posting this. I am on the last two weeks of complete power look program muscle snatch version.


Where is this program you speak of?


[quote]matt_t2004 wrote:
Where is this program you speak of?[/quote]




@Matt https://jumpshare.com/v/2c0e1P5amp1HX1aXHBz1


Thanks it looks awesome