10 Week Transformation

I always thought @flipcollar was a troll, finally someone has confirmed it!

You have gained a bit of muscle @seeker11 If you would have taken better photos and spoke a bit about your nutrition and training people might care. I would also go with not breaking the law and being a cunt, then you wouldn’t have to worry about being bummed.


i love that he called me a troll. That’s amazing. I’m what, one of the top 5-10 consistent, helpful posters on this entire site?

It does look like he got in better shape from beginning to end. But I wasn’t just being a dick about it. I really can’t tell how much the change is because the before pictures are just so shitty. This would have been a much better post if the before and after pictures had been more consistent, that’s all.


And so modest!!


Semi-seriously, I think a lot of people who throw around “troll” don’t really understand what a forum troll is; they take offense to anyone being a dick to them, and the easiest insult they can think of is to call you a troll.

If the OP is serious, then he has deeper issues that are not going to be fixed by posting or receiving advice on a forum.


I did; that’s why I posted it.

I’ll do a 90 minute transformation later, it’ll blow all y’alls minds!



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I’ve been suspicious that @flipcollar is a troll for sometime.

Granted, it’s been a very dedicated and elaborate set-up with over 34,000 posts and consistent posts of some guy’s progress pictures over the years. Maybe one of the best troll jobs I’m familiar with.

I’m surprised, however, he used all this work to reveal it in this thread - maybe not that well played.

really has been a big let down at the end of the day, hasn’t it? ALL THIS TROLLING WORK FOR NOTHING!

But really, that’s how most trolling seems to go, eh?

He’s not the troll we deserve, he’s the troll we need.