10 Week Transformation

I will post pictures of my physique sometime soon with good pictures



Your question is; “neat?”

I’m not sure how to respond to that. Is that English?

your post is dumb. None of the poses or lighting are the same from left to right, and you’re clearly sticking your gut out in the left pictures to look more out of shape than you actually are there. Then you used favorable overhead lighting on the ‘progress pictures’ to look more defined.

It’s just a dumb before and after that isn’t particularly reflective of your actual progress. It looks more like you’re trying to be in an ad or something.

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What was your diet and training like? Good progress

You’re just a troll

I did Kris gethin muscle building program, consisting of Y3T, HIIT, German volume training, FST 7 and DTP

I just tried to eat 250 grams of protein a day, and take in complex carbs. I wasn’t strict, cause I’m a food addict, compulsive eater, with no self control so I did eat lots of ice cream and reeses and gummy bears…but I tried and I went hard in the gym. I can’t count calories, way to complex

8 second transformation after drinking a gallon of milk


Lol at all these trolls acting like lighting grew all that muscle. Go do a transformation like I did then get back to me

What was your weight before and after? What do your lifts look like before and after?

You posted in rate my physique so if you wanted to be told how great you are then you’re in the wrong spot. Much greater physiques than yours have been ripped on here. If I knew you and just saw you at the gym without you fishing for compliments, like you are now, I would say you’re doing good. But since you think your physique deserves praise by posting on here I’m gonna score it from a higher standard and I’m gonna say ok. Neat?

You did obviously post with superior lighting in your after photo. And better angles. What’s your goal? You want to compete or just for fun?

Also did you start a cycle when you looked like your before pic? Jesus man. Your past threads mention you’re under a guidance of a trainer, not you followed a template? If he started you on a cycle looking that he should be thrown in jail

Whoa shredded bro, what program u run and did u run a cycle in the 8 seconds? Mad nutrition plan too I bet

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I am no longer affiliated with him. He was only trying to use me for advertising…saying oh hey look at how great shape I got this kid in so fast I’m an awesome trainer…he was only after money and not my best interest.

I also want to just get big as fuck in case I go back to jail or prison. I’ve spent a lot of time in juvi and jail, and being the only white boy can be dangerous. If I go back in I’m going back in big as fuck so no one fucks with me.

Also, the gym is now my alternative addiction. Then that lead into supplements and hording those, then sarms and doing lots of them, then eventually testosterone. It’s part of my nature. Plus I thought the test would help boost my non existent libido, because it kills me to be 19 and not have any interest in girls (im straight too, and im not a virgin by any means) i couldn’t even get morning wood…opiates are terrible

I am an IV heroin/cocaine addict. The odds of me dying of an OD are 97%…the average life span of a heroin addict nowadays is only two years…ive been to 6 rehabs 76 therapists every medication in the book and nothing works…ive accepted that I will die a heroin junkie in my 20s, and I am going to make the most of life while I can,

wut da fuq


Why did u say what da fuq

Do u have anything to say about critiquing my physique or

You lost weight or gained weight or something. You look better than you did.

I gained 10-15 pounds of solid muscle