10 Week Test E + Dbol Cycle?

Hi guys,

About to start my first cycle - 26 years old. Been training over 6 years. 200LBS 6 feet tall.

Plan is to do 10 weeks of test e and dianabol for the first 4 weeks to kickstart.

I am starting with a low dose of test - 250mg a week (125mg Monday/Thursday).

I have heard mixed reviews on this dosage like ‘you wont make gains on that low dose’ and then heard ‘its best to start your first cycle low if its your first you will notice gains on that’. However i am going to start low dose to see how i react to it as its first time and believe the dbol will help.

I have Arimidex on hand for gyno, going to start with .5 e3d (increase to EOD if i notice harsher oestrogen sides).

I will begin my PCT 2 weeks after my last pin. That will be nolva 40,40,20,20 (cant get clomid).

Is HCG necessary for such a low dose of test?

Also what dosage of DBOL do you guys think is good? I was going to split up 40MG 3 times a day (10 in morning, 20 pre workout, 10 before bed). Whats your opinions on this? I know that this will increase the side effects and chance of gyno hence the arimidex.

will be eating lots of whole foods keeping processed foods down to a minimum, training 5/6 days a week depending on recovery (push pull legs (stength) then push pull legs (hypertrophy)

If i could get some feedback on this cycle i would appreciate it (mainly just the dbol part).


First, you’re going to hear stick with Test only on your first cycle. Regurgitated a lot. I happen to like test/dbol personally. Even with the dbol, I doubt you will need the Arimadex. Be careful not to crash your E2. If it were me, I would lower the AI dose and only run it in conjunction with the dbol ceasing when done. I think your dose and timing of the dbol makes sense to me considering its short half life etc.

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Yeah I’ve heard it a lot but I’m not going to go mad with the Dbol and only going 4 weeks.

Good advice on the AI I’ll take that on board, will run it alongside the Dbol then cut it off when it’s just the test. Hopefully make some decent progress with my first dabble into the AAS world.

Thanks for replying.

Having taken DBol as a “kick start” for 4 weeks previously, and having just finished a different cycle where I ran anavar at the end of my cycle instead…I will 100% be running DBol at the end of a cycle next time.

The mental part fucked with me. DBol Cycle I put on 15lbs in 4 weeks, I looked super full, and felt AMAZING. Once I stopped, some of that fullness went away, the amazing feeling dwindled, and the scale stopped moving.

Even my first cycle that was Test only, by week 8/9 my progress slowed, and I was done at 10 weeks.

Taking anavar at the end of a cycle helped me stretch the cycle out longer, feel great during the time between last pin and PCT, and just overall helped with my motivation.

Everyone is different. Just some food for thought.

The other benefit to saving it until the end is side effects. It’s your first cycle, so if you start with both and get High blood pressure, bloat, nipple issues, you have no idea which drug is causing those… if you start with Test, and add DBol at week 7, you’ll already know how your body is doing with the test.

Do not start with AI. I ran 500mg Test and 30mg DBol with zero need for AI. This past cycle on just 500mg Test, I needed to take an AI. Always start without.


That makes a lot of sense actually.
Mental aspect was going to be a struggle for me so I will take that in consideration and do it that way.

I’ll start the Dbol at week 7, and do it for 4 weeks. That means there will be no test taken for the last week but since it’s test E hopefully that means that I am fine with a week of Dbol with no injections as test still in my system.

Good advice with the knowing how different compounds with effect me too.

Will keep an update of my progress on this post.
Thanks man.

I forgot you’re taking it for four weeks. There’s two ways you can do this.

Week 7/8/9/10 would mean you’re running it along side the injections, remember, if you’re running Test for 10 weeks, you will be injecting during week 10.

You can also start week 8 and run it 5 weeks at a low dose 20-30mg. Run it weeks 8/9/10/11/12. Then you have the added boost while your body is slowly losing the expo test.

Sounds like a lot of guys are now recommending waiting 3 weeks before starting PCT. I’ve recovered great waiting about 2.5 weeks, but I’m in PCT now and waited 3 weeks this time. Will report down the road how it turns out.

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Think I will go for option 2 and take it whilst my body gets rid of extra test for boost.

Yeah mate update me on how waiting 3 weeks for PCT has gone for you, is that after the last pin of test yeah? I heard with Dbol because of very short half life you can start Pct Pretty much a day after. Which would mean during the time waiting for PCT I would still be on Dbol!


Why do people run low doses of testosterone for a first cycle? I cannot wrap my head around that notion. All the risks and troubles of a higher dose with significantly fewer benefits. It’s like the worst of both worlds. And yet I see it constantly. Boggles the mind.

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