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10 Week Strength Cycle


I'm 37, have been lifting for over 22 years, 19 of them "naturally." I've got about five cycles under my belt and want to try a 10 week strength cycle with minimal water weight bloat. Tren ace is out of the question as I will be doing a submission grappling tournament half way through my cycle and can't compromise my endurance. Currently weigh 264, looking to get to 270-272 range at end of 10 weeks. I do TRT (250mg/wk of test e) in between cycles.

weeks 1-10: test prop, 100 mg/ed
weeks 1-10: deca, 200 mg /3 times a week (probably su, tu, th)
weeks 1-6: anavar, 30 mg/ed
weeks 1-6: d-bol, 40mg/ed
weeks 1-12: hcg, 250iu/e3d
weeks 1-12: adex, .5mg/e3d


weeks 13-16, nolva, 60/40/40/20

Thanks for any feedback.


Replace the deca with masteron 200-300mg/wk.

Deca is not strength drug.

The dbol will get you the added 8lbs alone but a lot of it will be water. A better idea is to run the dbol for the first 6 weeks then the var the 6 weeks after that. Dont be surprised if you gain the 8lbs in the first week though, dont cut back on your eating simply because dbol threw water weight on you quickly if you want 8lbs of muscle. Dont use dbol if you want to avoid water weight at all times.

That dose of anavar is a waste. 60mg minimum. More than that is better. If its too expensive try tbol. Anavar is by far the worst steroid when considering the effects for the price.

Absolutely no reason to run pct if you are on trt. 250mg/wk is a lot of t for TRT but either way, no pct for blasting and cruising. The hCG is enough to keep your balls healthy.


Would water weight still be a problem with the dbol since he's taking adex?


What about replacing the anavar with oral winstrol instead?


Its probably a better value, yes. If it affects your joints you will not want it while training heavy to add mass though.


The T-Bol sounds like an interesting idea. Would you suggest 50mg/d-bol/ed for the first 5 weeks and 50mg/t-bol/ed for the last 5 weeks??


Thats more dbol than I like. Im comfortable with 30mg but go by your experience.50mg is not a crazy dose, just more than I prefer. 50-60mg of tbol is fine. More is ok too.


If you want strength, you can't beat test suspension.


For my goals, this actually sounds like a great idea (greatr for shorter cycles and users seem to notice increased aggression).

Must I inject twice a day or would a single injection per day do the trick (thinking 100mg per day)?


Mast over deca.

Most get some strength from deca but very little, generally the strength increases are from larger muscles in straight anabolic fashion.

This sounds obvious and desirable, but compared to strength from direct CNS stim and receptor vodoo that more androgenic steroids will provide...

Its peanuts.

I can literally hurt myself on Tren. But if its out of the question, mast is the only acceptable replacement in my opinion.

MORE test and dbol, HIGH doses, is an often overlooked and RIDICULOUSLY effective fix as well.

Look into GHRP-6 as well, for weight gain and recovery its fantastic, and it makes your strength fly all on its own, no idea why, just does.

Running tren, test, and dbol its noticeable when I drop my GHRP for a week or so.

If you notice ANY sort sort of strength losses on the ammount of androgenic compounds Im on it has to be doing something we are not fully aware of yet. Maybe its just how much easier it is to recover from intense training with it...

But Id anecdotally like to think it has some sort of direct CNS effect all by it self.

Plus I assume you put deca in your cycle at all for joints, GHRP-6 should cover that nicely.


why is it better than the other test esters?


It's 100% test because it lacks the ester.

I've noticed a bunch of people using test suspension pre-workout while simultaneously running sust or test prop as their main test. Does anyone here have experience using test suspension like that? What would be a typical pre-workout dosage? 100mg?


Its basically popular because it hits like a freight train. and then its gone.

Running high dose test will make you strong. But if your trying to stay in a weight class, running 2 grams a week of test is going to make you hungry and big as hell, even with an AI; significant water retention and of course straight muscle tissue gain.

Hence the popularity of running lower test with a long ester and using a more androgenic drug as a primary, say tren or mast, with say 250-500mg of Test E a week, then immediately preworkout throwing on another couple hundred mg of suspension and 50mg of dbol.

Youve got the dbol all at once, so it hits like a truck for a few hours, huge strength, enough aggression to hurt yourself, you get the idea, but less water retention and anabolic effect than if you were to spread say 20 mg of that out in through the day, then 30mg preworkout, which is my preference, or simply straight spreading it all out, which many like but I do not prefer.

Anyways, Boom, huge test level, immediate strength and aggression, but a short half life and its gone a few hours after the workout is over.

So youll gain less weight, hold less water, even though your running 2 grams of test and 50mg of dbol a day, your going to put on less weight simply because your throwing it on all at once preworkout and letting the half life prevent it from really making you gain weight, etc. Basically its a way to use high test/dbol for strength but not size.

Now this is the primary usage for test suspension as far as the guys I know.

But many will simply run high test and then throw it and dbol in on top as a preworkout, I understand the dbol, but I feel that if your willing to run high test and throw suspension on, just run MORE of the longer ester test instead, its cheaper.

If you PLAN on weight gain, then its simple, no need for fancy gypsy talk, I say HIGH Test, all longer esters, Id vote E or C just for ease of use, but certainly Prop is a favorite if you dont mind injects, its better in my opinion, with an AI, high dbol, ATLEAST 30-40 mg preworkout, and a primary androgenic, Id prefer Tren as its a monster, but Mast is clean, comfortable, and doesn't rape your lungs, which you have stated is a priority here. And I would add in GHRP-6 and run it split 3 100mcg in morning and 100mcg preworkout, then 200mcg post workout.

Joints, strength, size, recovery, aggression, cheap, effective, simple. You get the idea, elegant.

Forget suspension and winny and fancy things.


when you say HIGH test, how HIGH are we talking? 1000mg per week? My previous high in a cycle was 750mg of test e per week.


Regardless of what others tell you.

Once you have your shit in place training wise, and your running a fairly heavy dose of a good strength androgenic....mast, tren, etc.

If you keep bumping the test dose, you keep getting stronger. That simple.

A gram, 1250, 1500, 2 grams, guys go to 3 and such.

Just keep your AI on point.

I personally dont run much over a gram on most cycles, usually I like 1200, but Ive run 2 grams before and your strength just flys.

This is what you might consider "dangerous" advice, but it works, and Im just being straight with you, its what a significant number of guys are doing.


Ok, so here's my revised cycle:

weeks 1-10: test e, 250mg eod (works out to average 875mg per week)
weeks 1-10: masteron, 75mg ed
weeks 1-5: d-bol, 50mg ed
weeks 6-10: t-bol, 50mg ed (if i can get it)
weeks 1-12: hcg, 250iu e3d
weeks 1-12: aromasin, 25mg eod

same pct as above




you guys have any thoughts on this revised cycle??


Like I said Id run the test higher, like 1200

And I wouldn't bother with Tbol.

Im telling you, bumping the test = instant strength.


Do you think an injection frequency of twice a week would be sufficient?