10 Week Labs, Need Opinions

Tesosteeone total = 468.07. Shbg = 13.3 nmol/L. Free T 145pg/ml. T bioavailable = 340ng/dl. Free T percent = 3.1 %. Hemoglobin = 17.7 gm/dl. Red blood count 5.74m/mm. Hematocrit 57.9 percent. 30 years old, 200mg biweekly Inections. Any input on these levels I would appreciate it. I’m not scheduled to see my doctor again for 6 months.

Biweekly meaning twice weekly or every 2 weeks? In any case either way you’re going to end up with high hematocrit as a result, you need to say goodbye to this stupid doctor. You need a therapeutic phlebotomy immediately, blood donation may reject you. Your blood is too thick, basically sludge!

Based on your SHBG level you should be injecting smaller doses of T everyday, you may be able to get away with an EOD protocol. Low SHBG men excrete their testosterone into the toilet within a 1-2 days leaving you high and dry for then on out. However you will hold on to the majority of the estrogen far longer, I don’t see any sensitive estrogen labs.

Please miss that appointment in 6 months, this doctor is stupid and doesn’t have any business prescribing TRT! You need to seek out knowledgeable hormone specialists which you are unlikely to locate under your insurance.

You will have to pay out of pocket for a hormone specialist, insurance doctors typically fail at hormone management and knowledge in how to properly read your blood biomarkers and to be able to determine a protocol tailored to you.

This is why these cookie cutter protocols designed for everyone comes from, 98% of the time they don’t work and need to be customized to the individual. Insurance doctors simply don’t have the time for this as they have 30 patients to see in an 8 hour shift. These protocols allow them to get you in and out of the office quickly, while you suffer in the months to come.

What is your platelet count? Hemoglobin is not crazy high, you should be able to donate blood.

I’d be surprised to hear you are feeling good with a twice monthly (assume you meant bimonthly) protocol and those numbers.

I feel better than what i did before injections. Most days i feel good. Not 100 percent but good. i contacted a specialist i see july 5th. They werent too happy with my levels and what my doctor told me.