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10 Week Dbol/Test E (FIRST CYCLE)


Posted a few months ago, but made some changes. Was going to give my overview and see if I can get any responses.

Weeks 1-4 DBOL 25mg once I wakeup/25mg 8 hours later. (usually workout an hour after wakeup)
Weeks 1-10 Test E @ 500mg (1 shot per week)
Weeks 1-10 Adex @ .25 EOD
Weeks 8-12 HCG (2x 500uis) (500uis Monday / 500uis Thurs)

Weeks 1-4 Clomid ED (100/100/50/50)
Weeks 1-4 Tamox ED (40/40/20/20)
Weeks 1-4 3g DAA ED

Dorian Yates HIT
*Day1: Chest & Biceps
*Day2: Back
*Day3: Rest
*Day4: Delts & Triceps
*Day 5: Legs/Abs

Starting Weight- 180 Lbs
Macros- 5 meals @ 66g carbs/45g protein/16g fat/7g fiber/600 cals (each meal)
*Meals include Chicken/Fish/Whole Wheat Penne pasta/Olive oil/Fruits
*Gallon of water ED

*Phase8 Morning Shake
*HydroBuilder + Cytocarb postworkout
*Gold Standard Casien before bed
*Optimen multi/Fish Oil/Liv52/BCAAs ED (take liv52 during 4 weeks of dbol? thoughts?)

*Drinking Grapefruit Juice with my dbol(not researched based, just seems to be common)
*Getting solid 8 Hours of sleep ED
*Staying active on off Days (Swimming/Basketball/Football)
*Use of supplements = helping meet my macros, not replacing solid nutrition plan.
*Tanning twice a week
*Weight in 1st of every month
*Setting short term & long term goals.


Looks good for the most part.

-Break up the test injections at least 2x a week. If you don't like pinning look into slin pins.

-adex looks good, you may need more or less. Dbol tends to make my nips puffy at .25mg. I would also run the adex up till pct and run a low dose throughout pct as well. Aromasin is better during pct. also taper off the serms as well after the 4 weeks.

  • if you didn't know pct starts 2 weeks after last pin of test.

  • hcg should be started no later than week 3. Dosed at 250iu 3x a week, stopping 4-5 days before pct.


Thanks for all the info. will apply it :). also have a few letro tabs on hand. If nips get puffy do I up te dose of Adex? or go with something stronger but at a small dose, letro


If your nips do get puffy, tender, itchy, then yes you need to increase your adex dose. I would personally use Nolva if my nips were puffy but letro would work to fix the problem then go back to the adex at a higher dose.


Thanks for everything. done a lot of research on this stuff, just trying to put everything together before starting my cycle


If anyone else can have a look at my plan please give feedback. Thanks again


looks perfect to me ! well done.. i would like to know hw much you put on and keep at the end.. + the dbol, how it turns out to be..


Thanks! I will probably make a separate post about my progress with pictures. I'll be sure to include it on this thread.


BUMP. any other suggestions?


there is actually research on dbol + grapefruit juice. it's proven to make it more effective.

I would reduce your extracurricular activities.. as it were.. the greater your caloric expenditure, the more difficulty ull have putting on mass


okay will definitely cut down on it. And would one glass in the morning, along with the dbol, be effective?


That looks like a fun cycle to make some good gains on. Let me know how that workout goes. I have never done it that way, only hitting each muscle group once a week.

Hey if Yates did it it must work, just wonder if that is a "maintain" workout for someone already at that size(MR Olympia) or for people trying to get to that size also.

Keep us posted


Thanks for the feedback rupe. Will definitely keep posted and when I start ill make a new thread