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10 Week Cycle vs. 12 Week Cycle

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to do either a 10 week cycle of Test E 500 mg / week split up into 250 mg e3.5d or 12 week cycle. My first cycle consisted of the same thing (10 weeks), with PCT of clomid. This time, I’m going to switch to nolvadex due to the hard side effects I experienced with clomid.

From the source I’m getting 250 mg / mL (10 mL) test e vials, but I don’t plan to do another cycle for a while after this one, as I take loads of time off before thinking about doing another test cycle. The total cost of the cycle with Nolva, and aromasin would end up being around $250 CAD with 3 vials. Does this seem right?

I just don’t want to have left over test E that is going to go to waste, as I’ll be using 2 vials for 10 weeks, but if I were to cycle for 12 weeks, I would just have a 6 mL vial of test E just hanging around (which I want to do, because from reading and researching, it seems that 12 weeks maximizes the benefits, and anecdotal evidence also sounds that 12 weeks is good.)

The answer seems simple enough, just do a 10 week cycle to avoid the extra vial, but other’s opinions on the 12 week cycle vs 10 week would help. Thanks in advance.

Prices can vary quite a bit from place to place, so asking about price really won’t mean much, plus it’s probably not something that should be discussed on here.

Ideally a 12 week cycle would serve you better with a long ester like test E. You tend not to see strength and size gains until week 4-6 so running 10 weeks won’t give you much ‘on’ time.

I would suggest purchasing 3 viles and running the 12 weeks. Bare in mind you will have some wastage in the syringe so you will want to be drawing an extra unit into the syringe to get the proper dosage (there are ways around this but it isn’t worth worrying about if your new to pinning yourself). I can garentuee 2 viles wouldnt be enough for for a 10 week cycle so just run the 12. It’s always good to have more then enough then just enough or not enough.

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Why does this bother you so much? Anyways


  1. Run 10 weeks

  2. Run 12 and save test for next cycle or simply discard.

  3. Run the cycle out 15 weeks this would use all your test (this is what I would do)

And it’s never a good idea to only buy just enough test for a cycle. Shit happens bro. My cat knocked a bottle of test off my counter mid injection one day. I’m glad I had plenty more


This cannot be stated often enough. Buy more than you need. Always.


Thanks everyone for your replies, also sorry for mentioning the prices. I am new here, and I know that we can’t talk sources, but wasn’t sure about price.

I’ll stick to doing a 12 week cycle or even debate on running the rest. @zeek1414, it bothers me because I don’t want to be wasteful that’s all! Thanks again everyone.

why would that matter? long esters don’t need to be run longer. that makes zero sense. if an ester takes longer to start working, it also takes longer to stop working. which meeeeeeans it’s effective time in the body remains unchanged. just saiyan. I hear what you’re saying all the time, and it is nonsense. ester length only factors in when you’re running multiple compounds of different esters, and you’re trying to clear all the compounds around the same time for pct purposes.

eh. not really. the difference between a 10 week cycle and a 12 week cycle is pretty negligible in terms of net gains. It’s not like something special will happen for you in the last 2 weeks. I actually get most of my gains, generally, in the middle of a cycle. Like weeks 2 or 3 through 9-10.

Hey @flipcollar, hate to hijack this thread but I have a question for you. I’m just over two weeks into a dbol and test blast. Started at 25 mg per day dbol and 300 mg per week test. Didnt notice much on 25 mg per day after a week so jumped to 50 mg per day. I will say I almost immediately saw my weight jump from 195 to 200 in a couple days. Been sitting stagnant at 200 lbs ever since. No increase in strength. Been eating like a horse everyday. Now I have pain and pressure in my abdomen like I’m gonna pop and major pain in my shoulders. I’m thinking about dropping the dbol because I’m not seeing the benefit right now. Any thoughts?

Yeah you are right there, though most dont really factor in the 2-3 weeks between last pin and pct. When you only start making gains at week 6 (test e) and finish at 10 it doesnt feel like you’ve done a whole lot. I know its more of a mental thing then anything else.
I would much rather do 10 weeks of p then e.

I do believe P is more productive then E though i must add, with P your running steady levels from almost day 1 to the end. With E you’ve got some big swings. But whatever floats your boat bro…

how long has that been the case?

those don’t exactly sound related… lol.

some people don’t deal well with dbol (or any oral) well as far as digestion goes. so I’d ask the same question on this, how long have you had these issues? I don’t really have any input on the shoulder pain, that’s really vague, and there’s nothing about dbol that would give you shoulder pain, specifically.

If you’re really convinced that the dbol is making you sick, drop it. But I’d at least give it some time in you to be sure that’s the issue. If you go like 2 weeks straight with abdominal issues while on 50mg of dbol, and then you come off it and it goes away in a day or 2, dbol was likely the issue. You just want to be sure, because you don’t want to throw away dbol as an option for future cycles if it wasn’t really a problem in the first place.

this can be the case, I think the bioavailability of p is marginally higher than E, so you don’t have to take as much to get your blood levels to similar peaks as with E. I don’t like pinning that often, but you can definitely make a case for P over E if you don’t mind the frequency.

Yea, I don’t mind this for myself, because I’m running high enough doses that I never really ‘feel’ the lows. The lows are still pretty high.

I think I will just stick to P from now on. I mean it’s more expensive mg for mg compared to E but if you can handle the extra pins then fuck it haha

What sort of dosages are you running? @flipcollar

right now, 750. I’ve gone as high as double that.

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I think 750 will be my next cycle. 1.5 is probably out of the question for me :grin:

1.5 is a big number, and I was not there long. It was the last 4 weeks I believe in my prep for the strongman world championship last year.

How did it make you feel? Not something youd do again?

oh I’d be fine doing it again. I experience minimal side effects with higher test levels. I don’t get acne, ever. I haven’t had any gyno issues, even with running no AI and running dbol. the only ‘issue’ I end up with is a crazy high sex drive. Just makes it hard to concentrate at work sometimes, haha. But that’s definitely not the worst side effect in the world.

Haha that’s definitely a side I would be able to deal with. Wife can barely keep up now so it might not be so great for her though. Is it worth it running it that high or you dont get a hell of a lot more out of it past 1g? I don’t plan to ever use the heavier compounds. Maybe some mast but that’s about all. Planning to mostly stick to test to it’s interesting to see how high people can dose it.