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10 Week Cycle Test - Tbol - Proviron

Ok ill give stats the a brief overview of what i expect and then ill list what i’m thinking about

Age: 28 (29 in 4 months)
Weight around: 238 LB
Height: 6’01 some time 6’ depending on the device
BF: 24%
Training: a bit over 2 years

Ok I used to be around 340 lb and after 1 year of training there was some weight loss around 60 lb but that’s due to my diet not being great
so as i got more into it after getting my second years membership at gym i started to look into my diet and then did my meals every 5 days with my worked out macros

(this way i wouldn’t over eat or cook anything different) that’s when i noticed the weight loss drop big time (not as much strength gain but i didn’t lose any strength so was happy)

Now first thing i’m aware of is i still could do with losing about 4-5% more body fat before most people think i should start a cycle (i know this from past peoples posts when reading on this forum) however i’m not using this cycle to lose body fat my goal on this is to gain some strength (to assist in my local strong man events that I do for fun) so I will be doing it at this BF and if I get some extra muscle from the hard work that’s a plus in my book

Ok so i’ve already got 100 tabs of Wild Cat Turinabol 20mg and i’ve got 50 Wild Cat Proviron 25mg tabs
(got them very cheap from a guy i workout with as he stopped mid cycle and knew i’ve been thinking about it)

So this is what i’m thinking of doing for this first cycle (sticking with wild cat labs) getting one 10ml vial of Testosterone Cypionate - 250mg and then doing the following

For Cycle

wk 1- 1/2 cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
tbol 20mg 3 x day

wk 2- 1cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
tbol 20mg 3 x day

wk 3- 1.5cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
tbol 20mg 3 x day

wk 4- 2cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
tbol 20mg 3 x day

wk 5- 2cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
tbol 20mg 3 x day

wk 6- 1.5cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
Proviron 25mg day

wk 7- 1cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
Proviron 25mg day

wk 8- 1/2cc Test Cypionate - 250mg
Proviron 25mg day

wk 9- Proviron 50mg day

wk 10- Proviron 50mg day


Wk 10- Nolva 20mg 2 x day
wk 11- Nolva 20mg 2 x day
wk 12- Nolva 20mg day
wk 13- Nolva 20mg day

Now ive not got the PCT yet (will get some in next few days) and im not going to start the cycle till I get everything in place
im giving my self a week to get feedback and then I will start the cycle.
Ive looked into this but know I would have made some mitakes and thats why im here.

my main problem is I dont want to get gyno with such a high BF im at more risk so maybe I should run something from start to prevent this? im thinking of getting
letrozole just incase the worst happens so I have it on hand ready.

So any advice would be great



Get two vials and run 2cc (500mg) the entire ten weeks. You’re seriously shortchanging yourself otherwise.

I wouldn’t bother with the proviron but seeing as you’ve already got it, what the hey?

Use adex .5mg eod

Nolva 40mg for the first 2 weeks of PCT, not just the first.

Happy cycling!

thanks for the info i was looking at arimidex at one point . They come in 1mg tabs so would i just need to chop it in half and weight it to get as close to .5mg? as for the Nolva thanks for the advice ill change it to 40mg on second week now as for the extra vile if you think it will make a good difference then ill look into that as an option