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10 Week Cycle Advice


10 wk cycle

500mg test wk 1-5
250mg test wk 6-10

what are your opinions?


what is the purpose of the dropoff mid cycle?


Horrible! read the sticky and try again. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/steroid_planning


theres a chance i might only get a 5cc bottle instead of 10cc, so im not sure if i will be able to finish 500 mg per week.

will the drop off be pointless?


pretty damn close bro! you might gain a few pounds but I would suggest waiting to get enough gear to run a cycle right. And when I say right im talking about an AI while on cycle and PCT. So take some time and read the stickies, get an idea of what you need and then post your cycle. From there people will more inclined to help you.


I already started my cycle, i wish i couldve waited but my connection fu**** me over dude -_-


well that was stupid! I might be able to help you but first of all how old are you?


i know man, and im 22


Honestly bro you deserved to get flamed, you started a cycle with out all your gear in place and thats the first rule! But your in luck today, cause I did it my first cycle too! and your humility has won me over! check your PM


your gonna want to run the test at 500mg/w the hole time, 12 weeks seems to be more standard but 10 will suffice...

test-e 500mg/w 1-12 pin this at 250mg every 3.5 days
Adex .25mg EOD(every other day)
Since you already started this cycle and dont have an oral, you might consider a oral at the end such as t-bol 50mg/d for weeks 8-12 (optional)

starts two weeks after last injection
nolva 40/40/20/20 so that means 40mg a day first 2 weeks, 20mg a day weeks 3 and 4

Never count on someone to show up with your gear.


thanks for helpin me out man, really appreciate it