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10 Week Cut @ 32yrs, 6ft, 220 to 210 lbs


Holy shit


Well done. How did you do it (call, macros, cardio, drugs)?

Also I’ll be the first to rib you for no leg pics out of sheer backbiting malice.

Where you going from this point?

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That’s only 10 pounds!

Thanks man, i was cutting for a comp, Arnolds - classic physique, Melb Aus.
I was doing double weights sessions a day with heavy fasted first thing then depletion after lunch. Sunday off.
I was on the usual cutting suspects, mast and tren low lvls.
Right now i’ve switched to powerlifting for the first time and loving it, 375 bench, 485 squat and 530 dead, got my first meet in 3 months

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Hard to believe but it is, with no tan and lighting i look puffier than i probably was in the first pic

Nice man!