10 Week Bulking Progress. Help Please


I started out a few years ago at 195lb, very unfit & unhealthy. I did a year long cut at which I ended up at a measly 118lb!
From February this year I started lifting seriously at a gym following the fierce 5 routine. I am almost in my 11th week & I am seeing slow strength gains & I have put back on a lot of fat. I am currently at 148lb @ 5’8”.

Can you guys see much progress in muscle mass on the attached pics?

Myself I cannot see much difference apart from fat gains. I know 11 weeks is nothing but should I be seeing more progress? I am in this now for life so I am not bothered how long it takes as long as I am making progress.

38 male


I am eating around 2200 calories a day. Everything is logged & weighed.

Protein - 138g
Carbs - 248g
Fat - 73g

I prep all my main meals & eat nearly the exact same thing every day. Mainly Chicken, veggies, oats, Peanut Butter.


You need to learn to eat.

Read 10 articles on nutrition from this site (Lowery, Miyaki, etc) and come back with specific question, if you still have one.

PS, you should have asked us a question in February.

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What did you weigh 11 weeks ago?

How much has your strength and/or reps improved on the main lifts?

You’re definitely gaining fat. Whether you’re gaining “too much” fat is partly up to you, and partly determined by trying to gauge how much muscle you’re also gaining (as determined, largely, by progress in the gym). But the smart money says, yes, you’re overdoing it.

At almost-40, you/we really need to approach “bulking” much more strategically because aging sucks and it can be that much harder to lose fat afterwards.

Long story short: eat more protein, dial back carbs (especially on non-training days), and strongly consider adding some easy-ish cardio a few days a week.


IMO, you look much better at the beginning, with just as much muscle, and much less fat. Obviously your macros are wrong. If you’re heading in the wrong direction, you need to be wise enough to adjust your macros accordingly. Don’t just keep eating the same thing when you’re getting an undesirable result.

Hi Chris,

I may of been a bit misleading actually. When I say I weighed 118lb that was before New Year of 2017, around December 2016. After I finished my diet I gained almost 10lb over night obviously from water weight etc. 11 weeks ago I weighed approx 135lb but I increased my calories from 2000 to 2200 as someone said I was not eating enough to gain strength?

I am considering dropping my calories back down to 2000 & following the macros:

Protein - 200g
Carbs - 175g
Fat - 56g

Does this sound better?


X2 with Chris, up your protein, lower carbs

Get on a program off this site, anything by Thibadeau, Waterbury or Wendler will serve you well. Also prob good to add an HIIT cardio session on one off day a week to lean you back down faster


If you are truly in it ‘for life’ than I wouldn’t be happy with your fat gains in such a short amount of time. A clean steady bulk at the body fat from about February is what I would aim at.

I’m thinking that carbs aren’t your friend.

That “someone” wasn’t taking your height and bodyweight into account (basically he’s full of shit).

In answer to your original question, you’ve definitely gained muscle, just a load of fat with it. Just learn from it for next time - you obviously don’t need as many calories as that in order to gain muscle.

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I have dropped my calories back down to 2000 & following the macros:

Protein - 200g
Carbs - 175g
Fat - 56g

I am also going to add some HIIT cardio in on one off day. Will this not effect any potential muscle gains?


One session a week, nope. Will enhance work capacity and therefore actually help muscle gain over the long term.

Only really need to worry if long steady state work like 30+mins run at a flat pace

Saying that ideally do a small amount of very low intensity cardio after the HIIT…

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Thanks for that. Think I will incorporate 20mins on the stepmill for the HIIT followed by 20 mins on incline treadmill to start with.