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10 Week 500mg Test Cyp Cycle, When to Use Nolva?

Hello all,

About to start 500mg of Test Cyp for 10 weeks. I’ve got Nolva on hand for PCT but do I need to get some more to take while on, or only if I start noticing estrogenic sides?

You can run a low dose with your cycle if you are gyno prone. Something like 20mg EOD. You also use it for PCT starting two weeks after your last pins. 40mg ED first two weeks and then 20mg ED second two weeks.

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Just to clarify, if I’m not gyno prone then I’m safe in not running it until PCT time?

Likely. Everybody is different. I don’t run an AI on that dose and I’m fine. A smaller but not that small percentage of men may need a low dose AI or Nolva. If you start getting itchy nips or an noticeable lumps/swelling in that area you would want to add it in.

Just FTR Nolva will not help you with “estrogenic sides” other than gyno. It will not help if your e2 gets high and causes water retention, high bp, acne, mood swings, etc. As Shaw said, a lot of guys can get away with running no AI at all. But it would be responsible to have some on hand in case the need arises.

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Thanks for explaining that. So in that case, what would I need to have to combat the estrogenic sides that you mentioned?

You would need an A.I., such as arimidex or aromasin. Both work in roughly the same way, though there’s a difference between them that is unimportant to you at this time. They can be tricky to dose properly, which adds a degree of difficulty to a cycle. But if you end up needing to control your e2 then they’re a life-saver.

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Arimidex works faster am I right !

Yes your right adex will work slightly faster but it’s also less forgiving then aromasin.(I think I might just be making this up based on my experience lol)

Unless you know your body well and know exactly what adex dose you should take for what level of estrogen your trying to lower I would suggest aromasin. Altho if you play it safe with adex you will be fine.

What you don’t want to do is over correct. Same principle as when driving a car. You try to turn to hard in one direction and end up fucked.

This is one reason I’m not a fan of using dbol or other compounds that aromoatize to try and fixed crashed estrogen. But that’s a different topic for a different time.

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