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10% Unemployment


Here's to "hoping" that this idiot loses his job soon.


It's closer to 18% if you include prisoners (your country imprisons more people than any other). Interesting that despite high unemployment the GOP have blocked benefits for jobless people, and have blocked the senate for high-income tax cuts.


I remember reading that there was zero job growth under the second Bush. So...


The Baltic Dry Index (BDI, one of the best measure of future econ activity) recently made a head-and-shoulders and has been dropping of late. The worst will now come.

15 to 16% unemployment is in the offing. That's the official rate, with 25 to 30% being the real rate.


why should we extend benefits, it apparently hasn't helped anyone find a job. And who's right is it to take that money away from someone who actually earned.

Man this whole altered reality of socialism is twisted. No individual rights or property. Can just take whatever you want from people.

I find funny how the government calls extending tax cuts expensive as if it was their money to begin with.


The GOP merely asks that the unemployment benefits are funded and not borrowed. Seems reasonable. I wish all government spending was funded and not borrowed.


I think 22 months is total BS.

-I have a friend who is using the system for the first time in his 27 year career he was fired from and plans to not work for 2 years.

-I was laid off July 9, 2010, and got a job Sept 4th, making a lot less, but still more than unemployment. I used 4 weeks of unemployment.

Unemployment is supposed to help, not be a plan. The system is broken, and to extend it will only further facilitate laziness. There are jobs out there.

Anyone who can't find a job in 3 months is simply not trying hard enough, or limits their search into impossible categories so they can bitch about the market and keep collecting.


I would really like to know what you would have Obama do to prevent 10% unemployment.

If its a free market solution its no bailout and I'd say much more unemployment. Thats a valid argument I guess but here you are bitching about 10% unemployment...


The problem is that rather than do the right thing, they said they could fix it, put us more in debt, decreased the value of dollar and still didn't.

I would have preferred the no bailouts and higher unemployment, no more entitlements. Make people realize, oh crap, we have to be productive again.


Well we have the change but that's causing us to lose hope.


Yeah, I understand, I don't agree with unemployment being a government endeavor, should be a private insurance just like everything else. You want to have a safety net you pay it, or like STD/LTD could be another benefit paid in whole or part by your employer.

I have no problem with it's use, I had one friend that was staying home on unemployment, I knew he was offered a couple jobs but didn't take them because he would only be making a couple hundred more after day care. His wife was working, it finally got to a point where I told him if he didn't take a job, just to stay away, don't talk to me. He got one two weeks later and is back to his normal self.


Then there is my wife, she was let go about 2 months ago as part of a company "transformation". WE can get by with my salary and I recently started a small organic beef farm with our new property, seriously only like 12 head. And I don't make all that much. But she is not collecting.


I love how you believe that not extending unfair tax cuts to the rich is somehow equivalent to communism. I struggle to understand that kind of black and white thinking.


It comes from a perverse yet all-to-common desire to frame society's issues in a manner that is simple enough to deal with, without much critical thinking.


As opposed to the perverse yet all-to-common illusion that if we put just the right people in charge they would know better than what to do with their money than the people making it themselves?


Yes, I think we should let the rich keep all of their money so that they can choose which charities to donahahahaha sorry can't finish that sentence without dying of laughter.


  • 13.8 trillion.

Agree 100%


there is and always will be someone in charge.
it's our collective responsibility to make sure it's the right people


Unemployment probably would have been at 10% anyways, regardless of Obama's policies. In fact the CBO projected that he saved many jobs.


Totally agree and had the exact same situation happen. Unexpected job loss last January and was very fortunate to land a comparable job within 2 months. However, I was looking at multiple low paying jobs and even reinlistment to get off unemployment right up until I got the good news from the interview. There are always jobs out there for people willing to work, even in the worst of times.