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10 Things Your Gym Won't Tell You


Not all health clubs are problem-plagued, but don't be surprised if yours is filled with illness-causing bacteria, employs a poorly trained staff and makes it expensive to quit.



What bitchy article. (imagine a snooty voice)"Oh ho these 100 lbs dumbbells are daaaangerous, and soooomeone could get kiiiilled doing the bench preeessss. Its just not saaaafe.. we're going to have toooo get rid these" wa wa wa. And for the germs, just take a shower after you work out. I recommend using soap.

There's a real truth in #4. Some of these trainers yeeesh.


As a former gym manager I would like to take this opportunity to say, "most gym owners dont give a fuck about their members." As long as the checks clear and the lights stay on, "fuck the members" is their view.


Here's an extra to add to the list:
If you lift religiously, you'll have to explain your routine and why you workout at the behest of old farts that never picked up a book or spent an hour in a weightroom in the first place


That's an instant classic in my opinion.


man my gym is nothin like that at all. Its so easy to quit this gym and if you do quit you can still workout. I stopped payin my gym membership almost 4 months ago and nobody has said a thing to me except my dad and he just asked why he wasn't getting a charge from golds.