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10 Strong Men vs African Lioness


In a fight to the death, would you back a group of say 10 physically strong human men vs 1 african lioness. Assuming this fight took place in an empty room and the men had no weapons. I personally think this would be an easy win, in favor of the lioness. No matter how strong humans are, physically, we are weak compared to other apex predators. In my opinion, lioness wins easy.



I would bet on csulli jumping on her back, shoving his arm through her eyehole and pulling out and eating her brain.


TEN strong and MOTIVATED men against one lionESS? The men will most likely win this one without much trouble assuming they're driven to kill, but one or two of them are going to have serious/life-theatening injuries....assuming the room is large enough.

Put the 10 fuckers in a cramped space with a lioness = MUCH more trouble for them.

If they're afraid for their lives and can't work together, then 8 or 9 will flee while the first is being slaughtered.


I think the 3rd scenario is much more likely. I don't care how motivated they are, they would need a miracle to kill a lioness w/o weapons.


Picking on women? The idea is not worthy of entertaining. If it isn't a giant snarling male lion or other type of beast there is no glory to be gotten.

There are 3 cubs watching on closed circuit tv watching and crying their cubby little hearts out while you beat up their mom.


I think this comes down to the team dynamic among the ten men. If they get a chance to plan ahead of time and build the team, they probably have a good chance. If you grab 10 strangers off the street, even if they are strong, they'll probably have trouble.

I don't really see how space becomes a factor.


This scenario is assuming the men have no time to plan ahead. It's straight brawn vs brawn. Theses are just 10 randomly selected men, who are very physically strong.


All these "men against animals but no weapons" scenarios are fucking stupid.

Man evolved --- hands, walking upright, large brain --- to utilize weapons and tools.

10 men with pointy sticks of decent length would be eating lion and wearing a lion skin.

To deny humans weapons and tools is like --- OK, I'm going to have a fight between a bear and a shark. On land.


Thats why the humans get to have strength in numbers.


To make this interesting, it needs to be 10 strong men transported to a large arena with woods, with all the crap you see in the woods. Rocks, trees, vine, sticks.

And a T-Rex.


You Are all High. 10 men would fuck a Lion up and that is with all 10 fighting not 2 attack and 8 run for a way out. Hell, the cast of the Big Bang Theory could take out a Lion.


Seems relevant. Start it at 2:25 mark.

But, if it took place like OP presented it, the lion would fuck the 10 guys up. I don't think there could be any way to choke the lion out, or get it to the ground long enough to crush it's skull


You guys overestimate pointed sticks.
Without shields, there will be much needless blood.
5 shields + 5 sticks > 10 sticks (yeah you could argue phalanx tactics, but that would miss the point)

In my opinion, shields technically evolved primarily because of wild beasts. (Second reason would be tribal missile harassment)

For practical purposes, it all comes down to psychology.
In such a small group without shields or even weapons, there would be a lot of sacrifice involved . Is it a clan/family? Or just some unlucky guys?
While the lion will kill easily with fangs and claws, the humans have to make well-coordinated mass attacks (without causing much substantial damage)to merely force pressure on the lion, who will flee at one point.

In an enclosed environment, humans without tools against a large predator are practically fucked.


The only way to do it in my opinion is to have all the men group together to form a large unit of 1. And wait. When the lion finally falls asleep, each person stomps on its skull with enough force to crush it at the same time.

Like thethirdruffian stated, man has evolved with the use of weapons.

10 men are gathered together. In the African home of the lion. They are to walk 1 mile to 'arena' where the lion is going to be waiting. They are given no tools, but can pick up and use or create any weapon while in route to the 'arena'. Once they get to the location they are placed inside and the lion is released.

I would go with the 10 men here


If it just comes down to biomass I give it to the humans. 10 200lb. men = 2000 lbs. of predator versus 1 300 lb. lioness. Factor in the advantage of having multiple angles of simultaneous attack and the lion is toast.


One of my all time favorite threads was 100 men verse a bear. Look it up. It was awesome. Probably over 8 years old.


100 people verse a bear


This scenario should be 10 strong men vs a lioness who's been de clawed and had its teeth removed.

No weapons for either side.


Toothless and declawed? That is just a Big Bitch in a gang bang at that point


No weapons for anyone.