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10 Stone 1 Help


i am 10 stone 1 erm 5 foot 8 20 years old am i underweigh ? i want 2 bulk lean and clean 2 12 stone is dat possibe ? any tips or advice ? plz reply



(Yes, I know a stone equals 14 pounds, I am talking about the rest of the post.)


DOHCrazy - that is english now, stop living in the past jeeeez.

ryang7 - yes it is possible. Increase your protein and fat intake and do strength training. Not sure how to do this? then geek up on it.


is 10 stone 1 underweight 4 a 5 foot 8 male ? what body fat do u need 4 a covermodel 6 pac ?


any more tips plz


I believe Mr. Gribben is a troll.


Jesus fuck son! Did you pay any attention while in school?


i used to be 19 stones, i am on the way to 17

-just posting cuz we were talkin bout stones :slight_smile:


Its that time of year again


This is my firs time ever, but I also call TROLL!