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10 Reasons to Workout


  1. Testosterone

  2. Clarity and Concentration

  3. Reflection

  4. Enjoyment

  5. Cleansing

  6. Better Sleep

  7. Longer Life

  8. Stress Relief

  9. Superior Strength and Endurance

  10. Self Confidence

The author explanis each one, but I didn’t want to copy the whole thing. The link is at the top. I found this articvle to be a pretty good list of a lot of reasons for working out. Any thoughts?

  1. sexy body
  1. Eat more + Shit more.
  1. Let’s face it: You have nothing better to do at 6pm.
  1. It makes your dick look bigger.
  1. To complete your life

hot chicks at the gym!!

  1. Poontang. Poontang is the middle man you have to go through to get the chicks.

Damn, amazingly similar to weight training. I don’t workout, I train like a rabid Roman gladiator. Then I eat the souls of the weak.

#16. Feeds my imbalances

  1. Satisfy masochistic urges.
  1. I have an excuse to blare loud music and be loud in general.

  2. I can push around anyone I know (ALl these skinny bastards).

ummm…not really.

  1. You can make fun of people.

  2. Give people dirty looks and laugh as they run away.

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
14. It makes your dick look bigger.[/quote]

I thought it would be the other way round

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
14. It makes your dick look bigger.[/quote]

or smaller :frowning: …if you started out skinny.

why the hell is strength number 9. That should number one for sure. Most common reason other than a sexy body that people train for.

  1. You can eat mcdonalds 5 times a day and say your “bulking”

[quote]EG wrote:
22. You can eat mcdonalds 5 times a day and say your “bulking”[/quote]

Im on a permanent bulk. When i lost my belt and my pants wouldnt stay up i started getting milkshakes everyday and now i dont need a belt.

I expected a picture with 5 sets of breasts.