▶ 10 Pull-Up Progression Challenge

The pull-up is the best exercise for developing a strong, lean, and muscular upper body. Think about it: If you can rep out strict pull-ups, you have low body fat and excellent relative strength. If you want a rock-solid upper body, make the pull-up a staple. And if you want a solid workout challenge, master each variation in the order below.

Here are ten pull-up variations, from beginner-level to advanced, to take your pull-up game to the next level. Can you work your way up to number ten?

Tanner Shuck

00:00 10 Pull-Up Progression
00:32 Chin-Up
00:48 Pull-Up
00:56 Switch-Grip Pull-Up
01:13 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up
01:49 Narrow-Grip Pull-Up
02:05 Wide-Grip Pull-Up
02:18 Archer Pull-Up
03:08 Legs-in-Front Pull-Up
04:26 L-Pull-Up
04:48 Muscle-Up

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