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10 Pounds A Week


So I was talking to a guy who is friends with someone doing a cycle. This person is said to have put on 10 pounds a week since he has started his cycle 2 weeks ago. He is doing d bol and some injectable steroid that cost like 500 us a cycle.

Now I don't know much about roids, but isn't 10 pounds a week too much. Can the body even handle so much in so little time? Is it bullshit or are such gains common with roid use?


Sounds far fetched to me. How much of it is fat and how much is muscle?


It's possible, but it's not all muscle. Most likely a good amount is fat, and a lot is probably due to water retention. The guy probably looks like a sloppy bloated idiot.


Not enough info. Too many variables:

He may lift for 4 hours a day, calories per day, intensity,
cycle test at 1 gram a week with EQ and Dbol, ect.
He might eat 10 pizzas in the bed late at night and drink beer. LOL.

Lift Heavy,



P.B. I used to train with a guy that was 6'6" and natural,he weighed every time he entered the gym,somedays he would be 310 other days 325 just depending on how much he'd ate and drank from day to day.Ron