10 On 6 Off Enough?

Please read this before jumping to saying that I should be off at least 10 weeks if I was on 10.

My last cycle was my first. I did 500mg test for 10 weeks and 6 weeks of Decca @ 250 during weeks 2-8.
I started at 200lbs and ended up at 220. Now that I have been off six weeks and dieting I am at 190 but pretty lean and cut. I did not have any PCT available except Tamoxifin which I used twice @20mg. I am starting to get sluggish and libido is there but my body isn’t keeping up with it.

Today has been 6 weeks I have been off and I want to start a 8-10 week of only test-400 @500mg week. Since I am only going to use test should I be ok to get on again? I am new hear so please don’t bash me too hard… Thx guys!

I always stop reading when people say shit like this

I read the whole thing and I want my 30 seconds back.

You should not start another cycle until your HTPA has been restored to normal. The things you say here suggest this is not the case. Bloodwork would confirm my hypothesis.
The risk you’re taking on by not waiting for a full recovery now is the potential to never recover, which would result in, essentially, TRT for life. If that’s something you’re ok with, go ahead and run another cycle now.

Now I am worried because I just took my first shot yesterday. I only plan on doing a very short 8 week cycle so I hope I will be ok. Worst case if my body didn’t naturally recover isn’t the something that can restart my natural production since I am so young?

You should be worried. You are being stupid with your health. You don’t know what you are doing, and you are making things worse. Let this be a warning to those thinking about starting down this road.

  1. Stop cycling today.
  2. PCT
  3. Do about a year of research before even thinking about picking this stuff up again, if ever.
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I totally agree with Kount. You’re making a stupid decision if you keep going with this cycle and basically just crossing your fingers hoping for the best. Don’t continue the cycle. Stop today, and run your PCT.

The only facts of any relevance to your question are the length of suppression of endogenous testosterone and the length of PCT and Recovery between suppressions. Testosterone supplementation suppresses endogenous testosterone production as much or more as anything else. You need more recovery Imo.