10 Observations for SB Fans

Let me say first that I am a stalworth Bills fan and so I watched the game with a sense of fun: i.e. I didn’t really care who won…what a great game though.

What a great ending…

  1. Brady is the man in the clutch…at 26!!!
  2. Does anyone even remember the Vinateri misses now? 2 Superbowl chances…two clutch kicks.
  3. The Carolina D coordinator needs to either get fired or someone should explain to me how a team that never made an adjustment on defense got to the Super Bowl.
  4. Without taking anything away from Brady and company, let me say that the Carolina Ds absolute lack of defensive grit sunk the Panthers in the second half. How many times can a Safety blow his assignment and stay in the game? Corner Ricky Manning and the rest of the heavily vaunted, excessively celebrated Carolina secondary got used and abused from the second quarter on…did I mention that Manning really sucks…take out the 2k earings and learn how to cover a receiver.
  5. This goes ditto for the overhyped, overwhelmed Carolina D that never really pressured Brady and recorded ZERO sacks. They rushed only four almost all game…
  6. NFL Referies either need to make momentum changing calls evenly throughout a game or none at all.
  7. NFL referies make too much money for 16+/- games a year to be so unaccountable for their calls/lack of calls…and no, basing playoff crews on regular season performance is obviously not enough incentive for them to get it right.
  8. If they are going to have “the booth” in charge of IR for tickytack calls the last 2 minutes of a half then have them responsible for BIG calls in the middle of games…like the obvious catch and fumble by Muhammed in the first half.
  9. Belicheck is one hell of a tactician…who knows how to change things as the game developes…something the Carolina staff might want to learn on D.
  10. The better team one but Delhomme could really be something if he can stay healthy. Now if they could get better protection for him and get him to release after it breaks down…

Great game nonetheless.

Just some random thoughts from a Bills fan that wished we had Vinateri as a kicker when Jim was our QB.

Speaking of observations for the Super Bowl was it just me or did anyone else catch Justin Timberlake ripping part of Janet Jackson’s top off at the end of the half time show? I swear it wasn’t the alcohol making me see booby…

Great game. I wanted Carolina to win, but their D…wow. They also killed them selves on defensive penalties. Delhomme is a great QB, and he meshes well w/ his receivers. Good thing he scrambles well, because he isn’t given much protection.

Brady is a pansy haha. The Pat’s did a ton of running, but they won because of it…and some major Carolina mistakes.

JJ, you weren’t too drunk to see straight: he did rip off her top. I’m sure CBS went apeshit about it. You’ll probably see some stories about it tommorrow in the news.

How does Kasey kick that ball out of bounds??? There special teams was horrible all day outside their punter. They had so many penalities on special teams.