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10 Months To Prepare

I have an event during the last week of August in 2005 for which I need to be as strong as possible. I have always been physically fit but in a skinny boy marathoner way. I’m 31 years old and 6’ 155#. I’ve been lifting for two years, but prior to that had never lifted weights before.

I am soliciting T-Nations advice. Obviously I do not have the base that most would prefer before starting steroids. Also, I am expecting the “EAT” comments. :slight_smile:

Given my deadline what would be the best way to go about this? I envision three types of solutions. If anyone has different ideas I would love to hear them.

#1. I’m still too small to start Vitamin S. Build mass/strength naturally and hope for the best.

#2 Build as good of a base physique as I can in a limited amount of time (six to seven months) and then do one cycle.

#3 Do several cycles in the next ten months.

Option number one appeals to me the least. Go figure. I figure at 31 I’ve probably stopped growing and my natural testosterone level is not the greatest. I’m not too concerned with being stealthy about a sudden increase in size/strength but I would like to keep my hair! I’ve been reading T-Mag for the last two years and have a basic grasp on most steroid concepts.

Thanks T-Nation for any advice.

At 31 if you haven’t began to lose any hair by now, odds are even with steroid use you will not lose it. Now besides that I recomend you begin doing a lot of reading and researching. first take a gander at the steroid newbie thread to begin with. Have a good knowledge of steroid profiles/ pharmacology, stacking rationale, use of ancilaries to limit side effects, and cycle construction.

If you go for option 1 or 2, check out Westside. I have made some excellent gains using that system. Read “The eight keys” by Dave Tate, in T-mag issue 264-267. Issued 06-27 of June 2003. That will be a good starting point. (Click on archives.)

If you go for option 3 then Prisoner#22 is the guy to listen to.
(You can still use Westside of course.)

Good luck;-)

if you’re hell-bent on getting as strong as possible in that short a period of time -

option #4 - go on and stay on…you’re going to make better gains by staying on.

6’tall and 155 lbs is pa-fucking-thetic …YOU DO NOT EAT ENOUGH…if you go ‘ON’ your metabolism is going to increase even more than it is now…you’re going to have to eat a huge amount of food…if you’re serious start making a food log now…you could use a herculean amout of AAS and not gain a pound if you don’t eat enough.

LEARN - read the steroid newbie thread and everything else you can get your hands on.

choose some mass building workout found on this site and get to work.

ask lots of questions (you will have alot of questions as your quest continues)…even if you feel stupid asking it’s better to ask…if someone makes fun of your question ignore them.

DON’T EXPECT MIRICLES…but if you do things right you can expect to be a lean 190-195 lbs (even more if you don’t mind gaining a bunch of fat) by next august.

keep us all informed of your progress…I’d be very interested in seeing how your quest turns out.

good luck…

Tech, if strength is your only real goal then go westside for sure. Find everthing possible dealing with training westside and start eating.
At 155lbs you better learn everything possible about nutrition and training before you get into AAS. Chris Shugart, and Lonnie Lowery are excelnt sourses on this site nutrition
Find out what you can get your hands on in your area as far as AAS and see about getting your testosterone levels checked, maybe you can even find a generous doc. As previoulsy state read the Steriod Newbie thread and then start putting together your own cycle and many on here(hopefully including the man P22) will be of a great help to you.
Good luck on your quest and please keep us informed.

My thoughts are that you haven’t invested enough time in naturally training and eating correctly. This probably isn’t what you want to hear, but I think your best route to take is train naturally for this “event” and really hone your diet to the “T”. If building a more muscular body is your goal, you have to EAT MORE. I wish you the best of luck.


First, thanks for all of the advice. I have to say I really expected to catch more flak with “eat” comments.

Since both Darkangel and Mr. Moose suggested Westside I’ve been doing some looking. What would be the best way to learn the Westside program? I notice they have both “Louie Simmon’s Westside Package” and the “Westside Seminar Video Package”. Would either of these be the way to go?

DPH, I realize that my food intake is a huge part of my problem. I’m taking your advice about a food log and I guess I’m going to have to carry an ice chest so I can eat every two hours.

Juarez is about a seven hour drive and I would rather go there than approach people at the gym. Maybe I’m wrong but I figure there is less risk without a dealer chain to worry about getting busted. I am assuming that one could find whatever one wanted in a pharmacia.

If you can believe it I have put on 20 lbs. in the last two years I’ve been lifting weights.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice. Please keep them coming