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10 Months Of Training, Appreciate Criticism

have been reading articles here for along time and finally joined the community. I would appreciate any constructive criticism you can on my progress I have made in 10 months. I hope to compete in natural bodybuilding in 2-3 years more of training.

ABOUT ME ---------3 years ago I was just getting over sickness that ruled my life for 7 years. I was 120lbs and couldn’t bench 105. I got put into high school weightlifting and worked out until I graduated in 2 years ending up weighing 190lbs with mostly fat but I was just happy to have a little weight an not be a pole.

I am uploading 3 pictures, me after sickness at 120 lbs. Me after reaching 190lbs from sickness and me now at 190lbs.

Me at 190lbs 10 months ago.

Me with 10 months of training now.

Wow, you must have had some amazing dedication to both your diet and training. Great job on achieving that you did in that amount of time.
What stands out to me the most are your shoulder development, although some leg pics would be nice as well. Also, if you don’t mind, would you care to give an overview of your workouts, especially for shoulders?

Impressive to turn yourself around so dramatically in coming back from a such a starting point. Wishing you luck in your goal of competing. I have no doubt you’ll continue making great progress based on the obvious determination you’ve shown.


If that really is 10 months progress its one of the most seriously impressive rates of transformation i’ve seen. You see alot of people dropping alot of fat in that timeframe, revealing muscle that was already underneath, but you started out relatively lean and built some serious mass for 10 months work. X2 on the training insight.

+1 nice work, I’d like to know about your routine as well

I definitively do not mind answering any questions, I posted this because I just try to get my story out there and inspire and help people.

You mentioned my determination on training and diet , yes I have been very determined on working out and never miss a workout , but I have never been on a diet. I naturally do not like sweets , desserts , ice cream ect. I probably have ate candy , ice cream or cake twice in the last year. I try to get in mostly lean meats and carbs. Especially pre and post workout to fuel my workouts and replenish my glycogen stores afterwards.

On my training , I do something most people consider overtraining. I train 6 days a week with various 4-12 week routines, I have always found I naturally recover very fast and always mix my programs up. I have done a few routines off this website , German volume Training and now use Serge Nubrets Program. I do a program until I stop getting results whether its 4-12 weeks in and move on, I also record every workout and constantly look for progression.

On shoulders specifically I follow guidelines like in this article

Basically relying on shoulders respond best to higher rep training , I don’t do 30 reps every workout but I haven’t once went heavy . I can only military press around 195 , but always hit them with 12 + reps.

I strongly believe do what works for you and to follow your own instincts, If I felt like my muscle weren’t worked hard enough I would add a occasional set to almost failure with light weight. On the other hand if I felt a injury coming on in my wrist for example I would stop for 2-3 days( I have done this twice).

I also constantly try to build a better mind- muscle connection.

cool, I’ve always focused on lower rep heavy weights for shoulders and haven’t really tried the higher rep scheme. Maybe I will try it and perhaps my shoulders will also respond better. Thanks tip!

Awesome progress friend. You should be very proud of yourself. You said your goal is to inspire people? Well you’ve inspired me so keep it up!!

Thanks guys, I am glad I inspired some of you!

I do have a question though, how do I get permission to Pm members? I had a question I wanted to ask Mr. Thibaudeau about “I Bodybuilder” because I am trying that next, but cannot pm ANYONE.

To pm, don’t you just click on the user’s name and select pm? not sure if it works though as I haven’t tried it yet

Man, I actually felt bad for the person in the first photo…amazing transformation man, you look great

So you were 190 in both the first and second photos. Did you ever do any bulking/cutting or did you lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously?

Great job and Id love to see pictures of the wheels and back

Very impressive. I am switching my shoulder workouts tomorrow:)

6-7 for physique, 10 for inspiration. Great work man.

congrats man, you should be proud of yourself.

[quote]adh wrote:
congrats man, you should be proud of yourself. [/quote]
I agree you look healthy again! Congrats on the hard work!

Great transformation, 10 plus. But I gotta be honest high 4 to low 5 if you go by the criteria. I think your missing a lot of muscle maturity, size and ripness is moderate. I think all of that will pick up through time. Keep up the good work.

wayneperrymurda if i can be honest you sound like a 12 years old.
He did a lot in little time.
Maybe you wasted your first post.
All the best !